Awards Page
"The award is worthy only if granted by an honorable and trusted source." src.unknown

September, 1998     Infoseek The WorkSpace Resources Web site is reviewed and designated as an "Infoseek Select Site".

August, 1998
    StarSaber's Award
"CONGRATULATIONS!...Your web site has won the StarSaber's Award, presented to sites that excel in design and content. My compliments on a job well done."
George Rowe, StarSaber

Many thanks, George.

August, 1998
    1998 Internet King of the Web Award
"CONGRATULATIONS - You have an award winning website! We have been to your site and found it informative, easy to navigate, original and an excellent contribution to the internet community as a whole. We are proud to present this award to a quality site such as yours."
Robert (Bobking) Massa, Searchking

Thank you, Robert.

August, 1998
    Nielsen Silver Award
"I enjoyed surfing your site, and I am sure everybody else will too. You have won the Silver Award!"
Eric Nielsen, Nielsen Web Sites & Business Graphics

Many thanks, Eric.

April, 1998
    Starting Point Hot Site
"Congratulations! WorkSpace Resources has been voted by Starting Point users to be a 'Hot Site' and featured Reference Site on April 6, 1998."
Frank Addante - Webmaster, Starting Point

Thanks, Frank, and to all our visitors who gave us their vote.

March, 1998
    Computer Currents Link of the Week
"Congratulations, Your site has been chosen by Computer Currents Interactive (CCI)...based on its originality, content and quality."
M. I. Foard - Links of the Week Editor and Mike McDonnell - Online Manager, Computer Currents Interactive (CCI)

Many thanks to both of you

August, 1997
Learning Fountain
"Congratulations! Your site is a "LEADING LEARNING FOUNTAIN". The "Leading Learning Fountain" award is presented to the website displaying leadership...influencing people by helping them learn."
Paul "the soarING" Siegel, Learning Fountains

Thanks, Paul

August, 1997
"Congratulations on a great qualifies for our PURE GOLD award. Placing this plaque on your site tells all who come, that they may easily find what they came for." Joe Allen, The Real Estate Library

Thank you, Joe

August, 1997
Critical Mass award
"A very nice site, good design, tasteful graphics and your content is useful, informative, presented well and easy to access. A worthy enterprise and a positive contribution to the Web." Bill Darling, Critical Mass

Thanks, Bill

August, 1997
"It's not quite as educational and fun as we'd like it to be, but you can't get much better for a site that has primarily furniture and business in mind."
Lee R. Medina, Advanced Business Promotions

Thank you, Lee

August, 1997
"Congratulations!! You win the award!!" "We give this award to pages that we feel have made a positive effect on the internet. In reviewing sites for our award, we look at content, graphics, the purpose of the page, and the experience of the page writer." Market-Tek Design Team

Thanks, Market-Tek

Comments from visitors (we felt these were worth framing)

"Thank you for your excellent site! I will be conducting a seminar, 'An A&D Tour of the Internet' in February. It will be held at our major vendor (Steelcase) training room in Tustin, California. I will highlight your site as an excellent resource." Dahlia Geldin, BKM Total Office of California, November 19, 1997

"...your site looks great. It's nicely organized and easy to navigate. You did a good job on our product category listings." Cherie T. Jashinsky, Marketing Services Coordinator, Mayline Group, August 14, 1997

"I visited your site a few minutes ago. And may I say, EXCELLENT JOB. You have done a fantastic job compiling your information." Keith Chadwick, August 7, 1997

"Do you have any idea how much sense this site makes???? The average architecture office has to have at least one wall full of catalogs and product info. (Not to mention all of the ones that end up under somebody's desk!) This saves an incredible amount of space and problems with out of date info." Kaylyn Munro, Architect/Designer, July 16, 1997

"What a great site for all kinds of ergonomic information. I wish everyone who does any kind of office or keyboard use would take time to visit you and refer to your terrific list of articles. Congratulations!" K.H. Bell, Bell Orthopedic Physical Therapy, June 28, 1997

"I appreciate your response. I sent this message to 20+ companies and you were the only one that offered assistance. You deserve an A+ in customer assistance!! I look forward to working with you in the future." Phyllis Pizzala, Executive Assistant, Flint-Genesee Economic Growth Alliance, February 28, 1997

"Your website is really one of the best I've seen out there and your manufacture index was of tremendous help in finding the stuff I'm looking for. It's the most complete list I've seen." Nika Halsey Solomon, January 23, 1997

September, 1997
Eye Candy Honorable Mention
We're happy to be selected for an Eye Candy Honorable Mention. Only 1 in 100 nominations score high enough to receive this award which places our site among an estimated top 5% of all sites currently on the Web. Thanks to Steve and the good folks at Eye Candy.

April, 1997
We are very pleased to have been selected as "Painter's Pick of the Day". USAPainter is an internet communication and advertising resource for the Painting Contracting Industry.
Thanks, Betty.

Argus Clearinghouse Last year (four versions ago), all of The BIG Lists at WorkSpace Resources rated four checks (out of a possible five). This comprehensive reference resource catalogs and rates the smaller directories and collections accessible on the internet. We hope, with our new organization and graphic style, we'll achieve perfection the next time the Argus Clearinghouse visits our site.

      HTML Writers Guild We proudly display the HTML Writers Guild logo on our site and have been a member since 1995. The HTML Writers Guild is the premiere international organization for Internet Designers. Founded in October of 1994, HWG has grown to a membership organization of nearly 50,000 members world-wide in the spring of 1997.

International Webmasters Association We were recently invited to join the International Webmasters Association. The IWA is dedicated to continual self-development, professional standards of practice, and providing superior service to employers and clients.

Internethics We are also members of Internethics. A group of like-minded individuals and organizations devoted to the establishment, promotion and use of ethical behavior in all dealings, commercial or otherwise, on the World Wide Web and other parts of the Internet.

WAB WorkSpace Resources is an associate member of The Web Assurance Bureau. It is our belief that the internet CAN be a safe and secure medium for commerce and we agree to the strict code of ethics which is the basis of the Web Assurance Bureau.