A Brief History

WorkSpace Resources grew from a list of bookmarks (the basis for the Manufacturer's Index) in the fall of 1995. Not a very inspired beginning, but we felt other design professionals involved in the contract furniture industry could take advantage of the work we had already done.

Early in 1996, we added three new sections: The Electronic Classroom, Ergonomics Issues, and Small Office / Home Office Resources. The first, Education, because the nature of our business of the past 25 years is focused on designing learning environments. Ergonomics, because, like all self-employed computer users, we just need an excuse for a day off. Business sites we collected because we're a business.

By the end of that summer, we tried our hand at online sales, but by 1998, we had decided that this conflicted with our original goals and competed with our advertisers, so we removed the Web Store.

All HTML composition, to this point, has been done by "hand." We tried a few of the authoring tools, but so far none have proved satisfactory nor half as fast as I am when I've had enough sleep ;-) If you have any recommendations, please let me know. I haven't looked at anything since early '96.

We are redesigning all of our pages to be readable by text-based and text conversion browsers for the visually impaired while still maintaining the graphic sense of the site. Even if your browser isn't capable of viewing tables, you should have very little trouble navigating through this site.

Most of the text, graphics, logos, backgrounds, etc. are original. We have endeavored to give credit wherever possible to work that is not.