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July, 1999

  • ceramLINKS: Although others have done the banner exchange "thing" before and in a lot of ways better, ceramLinks is effective and operates smoothly and, most important, is limited to this industry. We applaud their personal involvement and excellent record of minimal downtime. (The ceramLinks' home page is listed in Advertising and Publicity Online in the Web Tools section.)
  • Steelcase: You have to assume that the largest manufacturer of commercial and contract furniture in the world would have a good Web site and Steelcase doesn't disappoint you. There is tons of information here - for end-users, dealers and designers - and contact info abounds. (Steelcase is listed in the Contract Furniture Manufacturers Index.)

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June, 1999

  • ID&A, Inc. has a Web site that manages to include quite a few "Bells and Whistles" of the Web developers skill without letting them get in the way of an informative and comprehensive internet presence. Worthy of our award. (The ID&A Web site is listed in Contract Furniture Dealer Index.)
  • Medscape: Is designed as a portal for both the healthcare industry and the consumer, providing journals, discussion, treatment updates, drug search, medical dictionary, humor and more. (Medscape is listed in the Healthcare Environments section.)

May, 1999

  • ErgoWeb: is "The place for ergonomics on the World Wide Web" offering volumes of useful ergonomics information for free. In addition, they offer subscription access to a sophisticated set of ergonomic job evaluation, analysis, design and redesign software. If you're searching for a one stop spot for ergonomics information, products, case studies, instructional materials, standards and guidelines, communication opportunities, ergonomics related news, and more - all presented in an ergonomic format - you've found it! (ErgoWeb is listed in the Ergonomics Issues section.)
  • Insource: This Web site provides a depth of coverage that is unique among most of the contract furniture dealership Web sites that are beginning to appear online. What makes this site worthy of the Gold Ribbon Award is its flawless execution and attention to detail. Everything from the navigation bar to the tight graphics is precise and easy to use. An excellent example of professional work. (Insource is listed in the Contract Furniture Dealer Index.)

April, 1999

March, 1999

  • Is a commercial flooring resource library and showroom. It provides a searchable database of full color flooring samples including carpet, vinyl, rubber,ceramic, marble and granite flooring. This is a well put together site, however, it has one major flaw: A membership fee. Eventually (and hopefully) the site's owners will realize that this is faulty reasoning; exclusivity and the internet don't go well together. Meanwhile, you can pay $10 for a 1 month trial and treat yourself to the largest collection of flooring samples I've seen in one place. ( is listed among Link Sites, Lists and Publications in the Office and Contract Furniture Index.)
  • Education World: Hunt down on-line educational resources around the world, learn about trends in education policy and information infrastructure development, examine success stories of computers in the classroom, and much, much more. Education World is a truly useful site that is graphical and literate. (Education World is listed in Electronic Classrooms section.)

February, 1999

  • Brocton Court "...was founded on providing quality healthcare furnishings through a professional and personal approach." Though there is no question about professionalism here, they do have a personal approach. Their web site is fairly unsophisticated and there is a lot of information missing, but they are obviously working on it and, hopefully, if their customers start using the internet regularly, they will complete this rather elegant site. (Brocton Court is listed under Manufacturers Representatives.)
  • The Random Thoughts of Louis Schmier: The first words you read at this very simple site state, "Louis Schmier is a Professor of History at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, Georgia. He is an inspirational teacher and philosopher. His Random Thoughts have been appearing on the Internet in educational listservs since April of 1993. Although he teaches at a University, his comments about teaching, his students, and life in general apply to all levels of education. Read a couple of the "favorites"...and get inspired." I couldn't have said it better. (The Random Thoughts of Louis Schmier are listed in Electronic Classrooms.)

January, 1999

  • BigNoseBird.Com, Inc. "A few common words can convey more meaning than one technically correct word." This says more about this Webmasters Resource and IT'S webmaster's grasp of who and what is really out there and it has it - hands down over all the rest - when it comes to simplicity and bandwidth conservation. We all can (and I regularly try to) learn here. "You can't win an argument with a three year old." is Bruce's explanation for the name. (The BigNoseBird is listed under Tools and they are at the top of the list.)
  • DEMCO Keeping your site up to date is always high on MY list of priorities. DEMCO does this "in-house" and provides their customers in Wisconsin with 1000's of items to order. They may be missing the boat when it comes to "New Business" by not offering a sophisticated shopping cart system, but I don't think so. I get the feeling that if you are out there buying school supplies, DEMCO knows about it and they told you about their Web site and you already have a personal shopping assistant - Check it out. (DEMCO's listing is in the Dealers Index)

December, 1998

  • Contract Interior Consultants, Inc. Straightforward and to the point. Maybe homemade (there are no copyright notices) but definitely professional. Contract Interior Consultants' site is crisp and easy to navigate with icons that represent exactly what they appear to be. The final coup? "Why Use Us?" Is this asking for the sale or what?...(The Contract Interior Consultants main listing is in the Dealer Directory)
  • Camilo Office Furniture "...never let a machine do what a craftman's hands can do better", they are proud of it and it shows on their elegant site. It's simple, clean and definitely aimed at the end user. Congratulations! (Camilo Office Furniture's main listing is in the Contract Manufacturers Index)

November, 1998

  • The Chair Lady Monica Stoller is the Territory Manager for Wieland Furniture in New York City, Long Island, Northern New Jersey and Westchester County. She has put together an informative and entertaining site that offers her customers - dealers, designers and specifiers - online access to that the manufacturer isn't, art the present, providing. (The Chair Lady's main listing is in the Representative Directory)
  • Miller SQA Here's a situation...Herman Miller, one of the largest and most respected furniture manufacturers in the world, has a website for one of their divisions with a sense of humor. Maybe it's a good idea, maybe not. But I like it and I give out the awards. (The SQA main listing is in the Contract Manufacturers Index)

October, 1998

  • Yates Furniture Systems Corporation If you are looking for an elegant, attractive, clean and well-organized furniture system for your offices, would you consider purchasing from a firm that introduces themselves via an elegant, attractive, clean and well-organized Web presence? Apparently Yates Furniture Systems thinks so and they have gone to the trouble of giving us just that. Congratulations! (Yates Furniture Systems Corporation's main listing is in the Contract Furniture Index Manufacturer Directory).
  • Nichols Design Associates, Inc. All the Web design experts agree that it is a very bad practice to use a distracting tiled background on an informational Web page. But, Nichols Design Associates do it, and they manage to tell their story without distraction. We expect professional designers to occassionally break the rules and accessibility experts to provide equal access for all. In a very simple excercize of both boldness and restraint, they've caught our attention admirably. Well done! (Nichols Design Associates' listing is in our index of Architects, Interior Designers and Facility Management Consultants).

September, 1998

  • CON/STEEL Tilt-Up Systems Manufacturing and industrial facilities have long been the established stronghold of the tilt-up construction industry. Not sure what that is? Visit CON/STEEL and you will. This Web site does what the Web is meant to do - Tell the story in a non-linear graphic style - and it does it so well online that it ought to be a design model for every company who provides a process as their product. Congratulations on a job well done! (CON/STEEL Tilt-Up Systems' main listing is in our Industrial and Manufacturing Environments section).
  • The Mayline Group Is a manufacturer whose focus is on "...providing the user with ever-increasing levels of productivity and efficiency. Getting more done with less. Or getting it done with less fatigue..." and their Web site embodies this philosophy. Their product lines include filing systems, mail room and drafting furniture. Simple navigation tools, a soft background and crisp graphics are combined with plenty of services for the end-user without an overload of bandwidth-stealing glitzy effects. Of special note are the space planning consultation forms. Congratulations, Mayline, for a job well done and a Contract Furniture Web site worth visiting! (The Mayline Group's main listing is in the Contract Furniture Manufacturers Index Manufacturer Directory).

August, 1998

  • The Herbert L. Farkas Co. Established in 1922 as an office furniture dealership, the Herbert L. Farkas Company is one of the most prominent furniture companies in New Jersey selling both office and school furniture. Their Internet presence is clean and crisp and fast loading. All the information you are looking for can be easily located using very logical navigation tools. Congratulations to the Web developer for a fine example of a furniture dealership Web site. (The Herbert L. Farkas Co.'s main listing is in the Contract Furniture Dealer Directory).
  • Brayton International This High Point, North Carolina manufacturer of European designed, high-quality upholstered seating, leaves no doubt in the visitor's mind what this Web site is about; The introduction of their new products at NeoCon '98 in Chicago. All the elements are there: Up-front contact information, easy (though rather linear) navigation, enough content (including a hint of pricing) to encourage further action, and attractive design. Congratulations to the (apparently in-house) developers for proving that an uncluttered and informative Internet presence doesn't have to be boring. (Brayton International's main listing can be found in the Contract Furniture Manufacturers Index).

July, 1998

  • The Typing Injury FAQ "The TIFAQ is targeted at computer users suffering at the hands of their equipment. You'll find pointers to resources all across the net, general information on injuries, and detailed information on numerous adaptive products." Dan Wallach         We've listed this site in our Ergonomics Issues section since 1995, when it was in basic black on a gray background. A lot has happened since then, and the TIFAQ has grown and evolved gracefully. Congratulations to Scott Wright, webmaster, and to Dan Wallach, who started it all.

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