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Award Qualification Rules:
  1. The site must be listed in our directory. If you want the award and your site meets our requirements for a free listing (relates to working and learning environments), you need only Add yoURL! We only plan to offer the award to one or two sites each month, so don't expect a quick response if you nominate a site. Nevertheless, if you have a great site that meets our basic requirements, most likely you'll eventually get the recognition you deserve. If not, feel free to remind us.
  2. It must be easy to navigate. This means consistancy and no dead ends. If I get lost, I assume everyone does. How the menus and navigation tools are designed is of less importance than user-friendliness - other than the site that is so heavily laden with JAVA that the tools detract from the site's purpose and become an end in themselves. Internal links that don't work aren't going to help you win the award.
  3. It must have depth of content. Beginning with complete contact information, content is defined here as information - both text and image - that relates to the purpose of the web site. A glitzy site without content is a waste of time and bandwidth.
  4. It must be attractively designed. Starting with the source code (which we usually examine) and correct spelling, we look for sites that are neat and organized. Of course, creativity counts and if your web pages are exciting and dynamic and the design compliments the content, you have nothing to worry about. If you misspell your company name or I can't read your text because of a too busy background image, forget it.
  5. Nominate a site. We are interested in our visitor's comments. If you feel a site listed in our directories is worthy of an award, please Let Us Know.
  6. Disclaimer We are not responsible for the accuracy of the information on the award site (or any sites listed in WorkSpace Resources, for that matter). Our selections are based upon the above criteria plus our personal impressions and subjective feelings. We might be biased, but we reserve the right to be wrong.

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