Many corporations and institutions have found it beneficial to bring an ergonomics consultant on site to evaluate working conditions.

Quite frankly, more ought to. Not just for the obvious reasons of the health and safety of employees, but because of noticeable increases in productivity and profitability that result from a healthy working environment.

Local vendors allow you to try out various products before you buy them. In addition to saving money spent on useless remedies and equipment, you may receive expert advice on proper ergonomic posture while you are there.

Ergonomics Consultants and Professional Services

21st Century Eloquence: Hundreds of pages, including many articles and tables, regarding Speech Recognition plus a full line of products from each of the major manufacturers of Speech Recognition Software.

Advanced Ergonomics: Provides a variety of ergonomic services to corporations and individuals. Services range from physical ability testing to consulting, training, and product reviews. There are extensive reports available from their Ergonomics Resource Center including The Ergonomic Products Report and 365 Ergonomic Tips and Tidbits for Office Workers.

Applied Human Biomechanics: Consultating services for CTD/injury prevention in industry. The site has a section of FAQs which can be downloaded as well as a "Symptoms Survey".

Back in Action: Ergonomic assessments, education and training programs, and ergonomic products.

Beta Research, Inc: - Los Gatos, CA - Provides consulting and research services in human factors, ergonomics, usability, and safety in product and system design.

Canoe Creek Rehab: Manufactures the Arch Assist palm support for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and also developed the "Carpal Correct" treatment guide as well as the Ergoeasy 2000 office ergonomics program.

Ergonomic Sciences Corporation: Up-to-date information about the science of workspace design and function.

ERGO/GERO: Human factors design and evaluation for young and aging populations. Visual Design, displays and man-machine systems. Expert witness accidents and injury due to human error.

Ergonometric Labs, Inc.: Ergonometric offers high end ergonomic tools and products for the light industrial and office environment. We also offer a office environment analysis software.

ErgoWeb: ErgoWeb is a huge resource for ergonomics information, standards, guidelines, training, products, services, case studies, discussions and networking, and more. On the web since 1994, this is the most comprehensive ergonomics site on the net. In addition, if you are shopping for Ergonomic Products and/or Services, try ErgoBuyer

ErgoWorks: British Columbia centre for wellness solutions, services and equipment. Provides products and a workplace wellness newsletter.
Human-Systems Interfaces: A full service human factors and ergonomics consulting firm located in Austin, Texas, analyzes and designs user interfaces and work environments with the goal of understanding and improving the interaction between people, systems, and environments.

Interface Analysis Associates: Human factors/ergonomics consulting firm specializing in the design and analysis of software/hardware user interfaces, computer input devices and ergonomic products, high-tech consumer products, office environments and aerospace systems.

IMPACC USA: Provides publications, videos, seminars, and clinical products devoted to the care of the back, neck and upper extremities. Their ergonomic FAQs section is easy to understand and well illustrated.

KELLCO: Kella Communications Company is a full-service ergonomics consulting company. Use the resources and information here to help reduce your company's computer and office-related Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), and reduce workers' compensation claims and medical costs.

Onsight Technology Education Services: has developed an interesting site with a lot of original content, information and links.

ProActive Manager: Job safety & ergonomic analysis, accident/injury hazard analysis, work and observation method development for customized behavioral based safety processes. Also provides behavioral trending, training tracking & facility auditing software.

Systems Concepts, Ltd., an ergonomics consultancy based in central London, offers Quiz The Consultant, a selection of questions and answers that cover a broad variety of topics related to ergonomics.

Teal Research, Inc. Ideas to create a comfortable, more productive office - State of the art ergonomics to avoid repetitive strain injuries.

Usernomics: integrates ergonomic design, training, engineering, and marketing to produce real world solutions to product design. Their web site is a great starting place to locate ergonomics and training information on the internet.

VisionPearls: Makes software that relieves computer users of mouse click functions, therefore preventing repetitive stress injury or relieving the pain from one.

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