9. Should I consider buying used equipment?
Yes, if it is appropriate. From an ecological point of view, recycling office furniture makes very good sense especially when you consider the actual lifetime of a good desk.

Good quality two to five year old furniture in excellent condition is usually sold at 60 to 80% off the present retail price. This means that buying a chair at 60% of a present retail price of $1000 will cost $400. You could buy the chair new for $800 (20% off). But you are buying an capital asset for your business. If you bought the chair new, you most likely wouldn't be able to sell it for any more than $200 (one fourth of your original investment). If you bought the chair used, you'd get $200 (half of your original investment). Smart business to recycle - good for people and good for the pocketbook. One final caution: Buy quality.

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