Product Index : Architectural Elements

A. Partitions:
1. Privacy Panels
2. Full-Height Demountable Walls
3. Folding Partition Walls
B. Lighting:
1. Controls
2. Task
3. Ambient

C. Flooring:
1. Floor Coverings
2. Raised Access
D. Textiles:

E. Walls/Windows/Ceiling Treatments:

Architectural Elements Defined
A. Partitions: Prefabricated space dividers. Either as part of a modular office system, free-standing, or full-height, demountable. Construction varies; can be wood or metal frame with a skin of fabric, steel, plastic laminate or gypsum board. Sound insulation capabilities vary. Accomodation varies for power, light control, voice/data cabling, water and gas lines and other utilities. Some systems incorporate or accommodate panel supported furniture components.
1. Privacy Panels:
2. Full-Height Demountable Walls:
3. Folding Partition Walls:
B. Lighting: Lighting fixtures and controls that become part of the total environment. Includes pedant and stem hung, recessed and coffered fixtures, exit and emergency lighting.
1. Controls:
2. Task:
3. Ambient:

C. Flooring: Floor covering materials: Vinyl, stone, tile, laminate, carpet, carpet tile, rubber, etc. plus access flooring systems.

D. Textiles: Upholstery, Panel fabric and window coverings, etc.

E. Wall Coverings: Wall paper, vinyl, paint finishes, paneling, stone, etc.

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