50 Trade Secrets of Great Design Retail Spaces
by Stafford Cliff

In these Pages, you'll explore the inner workings of design and architecture as you look "over the shoulder" of design experts developing ideas and tackling the problems that arise along the way. Challenges such as unimaginative briefs, low budgets, commercial restrictions, and consumer research are analyzed and discussed as the projects evolve. Each case study traces the unique path taken by some of today's very best designers to arrive at award-winning results.

(Excerpt) "Instead of simply producing an essay on retailing in the 1990s or an analysis of retailing techniques, I have let the designers tell their stories in their own words. I asked them "What did you do? How did you do it? What were the alternative solutions?" I wanted to understand the tricks of the trade and to learn what special skills they needed and how they acquired them.

The retail projects gathered together for this book cover a wide range - from giant multinational chains and vast flagship stores making fashion statements, to tiny railroad station booths and small-scale outlets where no designer was employed at all. Each project discussed, focuses on the product and the customer and the effort devoted to producing something creative and original."

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