Virtual College : A Quick Guide to How You Can Get the Degree You Want With Computer, TV, Video, Audio, and Other Distance-Learning Tools (1996) by Pam Dixon (Editor)

You may have heard that it's possible to take undergraduate or even graduate level courses online and earn a degree, but it sounds a little fishy, not quite right for you, or possibly out of your means. Virtual College is a short introductory guide to the wealth of resources available through distance learning. You'll find out what you need to take advantage of available programs, where to go to find more information, and what to expect from the virtual classroom when you arrive. There's also an excellent section devoted to determining if an online class or program is legitimate or right for your needs. This is not a reference guide, so if you are already committed to enrolling in an online course or program, you'll want to grab something more comprehensive. However, Virtual College is still worth having nearby when it comes time to pick your first classes.

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