Home Office Design : Everything You Need to Know About Planning, Organizing, and Furnishing Your Work Space
by Neal Zimmerman

Architect Zimmerman offers a range of information to consider in planning a home office. Both pros and cons of all subjects are examined, beginning with specific locations (attic versus basement, spare bedroom versus walk-in closet) and concluding with notes on art, accessories, and plants. One of the most practical sections is a photo gallery of options for workstation furniture, seating, filing/storage, ergonomic tools, and task lighting, each with a cost range code and a brief description. Occasionally, the text is too sparse, relying on pictures to do the work; more checklists and data would be welcome. Nonetheless, a straightforward starting place for the 40 million of us doing at least some work at home. Barbara Jacobs, American Library Association.

Here is all the information you need to create a comfortable, efficient home office custom designed to meet your personal and professional needs. In this book, architect and home office design expert Neal Zimmerman shows you how to plan, design, and equip the home office that's right for you. He helps you decide when to do the work yourself and when to hire professionals; and his numerous floor plans, photos, and examples provide countless design ideas and solutions to virtually every problem you encounter.

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