Organizing Your Home Office For Success : Expert Strategies That Can Work for You
by Lisa A. Kanarek

Working from home offers many challenges from finding the right space for your home office to balancing your home and office life. This easy-to-follow guide to organizing your home office is filled with proven strategies for creating a clutter-free, efficient home office. Whether you're suffering from information overload or sharing a home office with your toss-everything spouse, home office organizing expert Lisa Kanarek's advice will get you on the right track to an organized and productive home office. Her organizing methods are tailored to meet everyone's needs from a perfectionist to a pack rat.

In this newly revised and expanded second edition (nearly 200,000 copies of the first edition have been sold), nationally recognized home office organizing expert Lisa Kanarek shares the strategies she has used to help thousands of clients around the country create organized, efficient and productive home offices.

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