The One to One Fieldbook : The Complete Toolkit for Implementing a 1 To 1 Marketing Program
by Don Peppers, Martha Rogers, Phd., Bob Dorf

The competition for customers today is fiercer than ever. With products and services only a mouse click away, customers have more choice than ever before, and the rules that govern customer loyalty have changed a great deal. While most CEOs will brag about how customer-centric their companies are, in reality many are at a loss for identifying and attracting a loyal and profitable customer base. In The One to One Fieldbook, authors Don Peppers, Martha Rogers, and Bob Dorf show how to implement a customer-relationship program based on one-to-one marketing, a notion they championed in their previous books, Enterprise One to One and One to One Future.

One-to-one marketing, write the authors, is "based on the simple idea of treating different customers differently." The book begins by outlining four steps for implementing a one-to-one marketing program, then delves into a variety of subjects, from building the infrastructure necessary to supporting a one-to-one enterprise to evaluating and managing channel partners. This is a useful and practical how-to guide, full of checklists and ideas for getting any company on track with one-to-one marketing.

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