The 500-Year Delta: What Happens After What Comes Next
by Jim Taylor, Watts Wacker, Howard Means

As the Age of Reason nears its 500-year anniversary, the authors of The 500-Year Delta argue that our world is on the precipice of believe this transformation will manifest itself as a shift from reason-based to chaos-based logic; the collapse of producer-controlled consumer markets; and a splintering of social, political, and economic organization.

In pithy phrases and thought-provoking chapters, they outline strategies to help companies and individuals succeed in the increasingly unpredictable future they describe. Taylor and Wacker are skilled at incorporating historical facts to support their ideas of how corporate societies and world communities will evolve.

The book is designed to help business owners and private citizens understand every element of their complex world so that they can excel in a future the authors term the "Age of Possibility."

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