Computers in the Classroom : How Teachers and Students Are Using Technology to Transform Learning by Andrea R. Gooden, Fred Silverman (Editor), Julie Chase (Photographer), Herbert Kohl

The program manager for Apple Computer's Education Grants program zeroes in on six grant-winning schools in underfunded and underserved communities to see how computers are changing the face of education. Each project described is different: in one, tenth-grade boys in an inner-city school use the computer to investigate contemporary urban issues and publish a magazine that is sold in their community; in another, Louisiana elementary students collect and write stories that reflect the multicultural life of their community to enter in a CD-ROM encyclopedia for local residents. Photographs, comments from teachers and students, and original student writings enrich the accounts. Although there aren't enough basics to use the descriptions as actual models, there's plenty to convince teachers and administrators totake the computers out of the computer labs and put them in the classrooms. Stephanie Zvirin, American Library Association

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