Educative Assessment : Designing Assessments to Inform and Improve Student Performance by Grant P. Wiggins

Assessment For Excellence answers the challenging questions surrounding the design of new performance-based assessments, written by the nation's foremost expert on the subject, Grant P. Wiggins. He provides guidance on how to design performance-based assessments for use in the classroom. According to Wiggins, such assessments must be designed to provide useful feedback to students, not just to help them gain knowledge and skills, but to help them "understand" what they're learning.

In this book, Grant Wiggins outlines design standards for performance-based assessments that promise students - no matter what their ability - clear and worthy performance targets, useful feedback, coaching, and the opportunity to progress toward excellence. Educative Assessment furnishes the information needed to design performance-based assessments, craft performance tasks that meet rigorous educational standards, score assessments fairly, and structure and judge student portfolios. It also shows how performance assessment can be used to improve curriculum and instruction, grading, and reporting, as well as teacher accountability. In addition, the book includes numerous design templates and flowcharts, strategies for design and troubleshooting, and myriad examples of assessment tasks and scoring rubrics that Wiggins has developed and repeatedly refined using feedback from clients in schools, districts, and state departments of education.

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