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This summer, 1998, along with celebrating our first anniversary in association with, we bring you three new recommendations covering what happens in the classroom when educators introduce new technologies and what happens to education when business takes control.

You can see our previous recommended selections Here.

Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching by Margaret Roblyer, Jack Edwards, Mary Anne Havriluk       Written from the teacher's perspective -- and ideal for both novice and experienced computer users alike -- this text presents practical, effective theory-based strategies for integrating technology resources and technology-based methods into everyday classroom practices. Comprehensive in coverage, it provides essential background information, reviews thoroughly the qualities and benefits of all of the computer technology options available to educators, and shows and tells -- with numerous sample lesson plans -- how each of these technologies may be integrated into the other activities and tasks for which teachers are responsible.

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The Monster Under the Bed : How Business Is Mastering the Opportunity of Knowledge for Profit by Stan Davis, Jim Botkin       Paperback reprint edition.
"Davis and Botkin investigate today's complicated relationship between business and education. The job and information requirements of business now set the agenda for what must be learned and have established the need for a program of lifelong learning. At the same time, business has become a major education provider, teaching and training employees on the job and, in a growing number of instances, taking over the administration of schools as governments experiment with privatization. The authors document those trends and analyze their impact. They include their concern that education dominated by business may lead to a two-tiered society of information haves and have-nots. (What they ignore is the role that libraries can play in education and lifelong learning.) The "monster under the bed" is a story created by a five-year-old on her computer and disseminated by means of an electronic bulletin board--a story that illustrates the use of technology in learning that is already taken for granted but also suggests a fear of the unknown or the unmanageable. Highly recommended for education, business, and technology collections." David Rouse - Copyrightę 1994, American Library Association. All rights reserved

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Teaching With Technology : Creating Student-Centered Classrooms by Judith Haymore Sandholtz, Cathy Ringstaff, David C. Dwyer       What happens between student and teacher when computers move into the classroom? Drawing from over 20,000 episodes in the longitudinal database of Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow, Teaching with Technology: Creating Student-Centered Classrooms gives us vivid case studies and eloquent teacher voices, addressing teachers' perennial concerns: teacher learning and teacher beliefs about instructional change; redefining student and teacher roles; maintaining student engagement; reducing teacher isolation; managing the technology-rich classroom; and support for instructional change from school principals, school districts, technology trainers, and colleagues. This volume will be an indispensable guidebook for teachers, teacher educators, and school administrators committed to educational excellence in today's electronic classrooms.

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