Design That Cares : Planning Health Facilities for Patients and Visitors
2nd edition (September 1998)
by Janet Reizenstein Carpman, Myron A. Grant

With increasingly sophisticated medical technology and the need to contain health care costs, the human needs of health care consumers are often forgotten. By balancing an extensive research base with a focus on design decision-making, this book presents a new and timely approach to the design of health care facilities design that not only cares for patients and visitors, design that also cares about them.

Design that Cares brings together, for the first time, what is known about the design-related needs of patients and visitors, and in so-doing, provides a basis for future inquiry. The book begins with a look at the need for humanistic health facility design. The eight chapters that follow focus on the patient's and visitors' journey through a generic facility, laying out the design and behavior issues that need to be considered: planning for arrival and exterior wayfinding, interior wayfinding and the circulation system, waiting and reception areas, diagnostic and treatment areas, inpatient rooms and baths.

Gaining access to nature, special design needs of the elderly and of users with impairments, special places such as the emergency department, and special services such as provisions for overnight accommodations are also discussed. A final chapter describes ways in which users can participate in facility design and the benefits of their involvement.

Design that Cares was the winner of the prestigious Applied Research Award from Progressive Architecture magazine, and the Best of Category Research Award from ID, Magazine of International Design.

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