The New Manufacturing Challenge : Techniques for Continuous Improvement by Kiyoshi Suzaki

A detailed "operating manual" of manufacturing techniques and procedures, this practical guide spells out changes in production and employee resources that can give back to American industries the cutting edge in price, quality, and delivery of products.

Author Kiyoshi Suzaki writes, "The elimination of waste corresponds to a respect for human dignity. In striving towards this eternal challenge, the book should be viewed with fresh eyes. While helping us to clearly understand the various tools of continuous improvement, it also shows us how to tie them together to bring an organization to world-class performance. The essence of this book should permeate an organization if it is to create and/or sustain its competitive edge - with everyone involved. It is translated into more than eight languages. Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) distributes a best selling video-course under the same title with comprehensive guidebooks and an instruction manual."

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