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For summer, 1998, and our first anniversary with, we have started a new page with four books on Marketing, Publicity and Advertising on the Internet. All four are highly recommended by our staff as well as a multitude of readers and are perfect summer reading for the Internet entrepreneur. In addition, for web developers, the hottest book on dynamic web design we've seen.

You can see previously recommended selections Here.

Designing With JavaScript : Creating Dynamic Web Pages by Nick Heinle.
An excellent learn-by-example tutorial that helps you create dynamic content for your Web site. Each chapter tackles a single topic with a relaxed and conversational tone. The thoroughly explained examples in each chapter are blocked off in green for quick reference and included on the accompanying CD-ROM. Whiz-kid author Nick Heinle--author of the JavaScript Tip of the Week Web site and closet high school student--covers a lot of ground, from dynamic frames, forms, and cookies to the latest in both 4.0 browsers' versions of Dynamic HTML. One excellent chapter demonstrates how to easily include multiple versions of your scripts to work with versions of Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer, depending on which browser views the page.

Get over the immature writing style and grammatical errors. Nick Heinle may need a new editor, but his knowledge and ability to teach will overcome any shortcomings. If you want to learn DHTML, this is the book to get you started.

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Advertising on the Internet by Robbin Lee Zeff, Brad Aronson.
Internet advertising does not work the same way as advertising does in other media--although the basic advertising principles still apply. The Net's fabulous growth has also made it an ever-shifting marketplace in which to work. Zeff and Aronson look at all the issues involved in Net advertising--buying it, selling it, and using it--with the uninitiated in mind. They lay out the basics of both Internet communications and advertising principles, attempting to show how they work together.

The authors begin with a quick look at the present state of online advertising in Chapter 1. In Chapter 2 they explore the valid reasons for using online advertising and how it can fit into a greater advertising strategy. Chapter 3 examines the various models of online advertising, explaining how they work and comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each. In chapters 4 and 5, the authors survey the software and hardware tools and technologies available to online advertisers, ranging from means of delivering ads to methods for measuring results. The various approaches for pricing ads is the subject of Chapter 6, while Chapter 7 looks at the nature of the Internet audience and how it's changing. The final two chapters consider the strategy involved in buying and selling Internet advertising. This hype-free book looks at Net advertising through pragmatic eyes. It could save anyone interested in buying, selling, or creating Internet-based ads from making a lot of costly mistakes. --Elizabeth Lewis,

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What Makes People Click : Advertising on the Web by Jim Sterne.
An easy-to-read business book for marketers, advertising reps, and Web reps (ad reps who specialize in Web advertising). Describes what advertising is being done now, what has been successful, and what the future holds for Web advertising. Helps readers develop a Web advertising strategy, find Web sites where they can advertise their products, gives tips for negotiating ad space, and tells readers how to sell space on their own Web sites. Shows readers how to track the success of their Web advertising and use that information to plan future advertising campaigns.

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Publicity on the Internet : Creating Successful Publicity Campaigns on the Internet and the Commercial Online Services by Steve O'Keefe.
The explosive growth of the Internet and commercial online services has created a boon for publicists eager to tap into bulletin boards, Web sites, online chats and more. Here is a hands-on, nuts-and-bolts book full of forms, checklists, sample publicity campaigns, online resources, and expert strategies. From staging an online appearance to create e-mail news releases, this book shows how to get the word out like never before.

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The Internet Marketing Plan : A Practical Handbook for Creating, Implementing and Assessing Your Online Presence by Kim M. Bayne.
Kim Bayne's The Internet Marketing Plan provides a marketing plan geared toward Web commerce and covers the middle ground between marketing and Web technology. Marketers who are seeking the basics on Web site design or HTML-savvy technicians who are looking for marketing basics can use this book as an outline for their business plans.

Because Bayne's book is dense with information, it's easier to skip around rather than read it cover to cover. Activities augment some of the book's sections and you can use hands-on investigation to reinforce other concepts within the book. The Internet Marketing Plan's diskette contains documents, spreadsheets, and forms that guide the reader through marketing plan creation. Bayne also offers several worthwhile applications of Web technology that can fortify different areas of your company's business.

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