Advertising on the Internet
by Robbin Lee Zeff, Brad Aronson

Internet advertising does not work the same way as advertising does in other media--although the basic advertising principles still apply. The Net's fabulous growth has also made it an ever-shifting marketplace in which to work. Zeff and Aronson look at all the issues involved in Net advertising--buying it, selling it, and using it--with the uninitiated in mind. They lay out the basics of both Internet communications and advertising principles, attempting to show how they work together.

The authors begin with a quick look at the present state of online advertising in Chapter 1. In Chapter 2 they explore the valid reasons for using online advertising and how it can fit into a greater advertising strategy. Chapter 3 examines the various models of online advertising, explaining how they work and comparing the advantages and disadvantages of each. In chapters 4 and 5, the authors survey the software and hardware tools and technologies available to online advertisers, ranging from means of delivering ads to methods for measuring results. The various approaches for pricing ads is the subject of Chapter 6, while Chapter 7 looks at the nature of the Internet audience and how it's changing. The final two chapters consider the strategy involved in buying and selling Internet advertising. This hype-free book looks at Net advertising through pragmatic eyes. It could save anyone interested in buying, selling, or creating Internet-based ads from making a lot of costly mistakes. --Elizabeth Lewis,

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