Designing With JavaScript : Creating Dynamic Web Pages
by Nick Heinle

An excellent learn-by-example tutorial that helps you create dynamic content for your Web site. Each chapter tackles a single topic with a relaxed and conversational tone. The thoroughly explained examples in each chapter are blocked off in green for quick reference and included on the accompanying CD-ROM. Whiz-kid author Nick Heinle--author of the JavaScript Tip of the Week Web site and closet high school student--covers a lot of ground, from dynamic frames, forms, and cookies to the latest in both 4.0 browsers' versions of Dynamic HTML. One excellent chapter demonstrates how to easily include multiple versions of your scripts to work with versions of Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer, depending on which browser views the page.

Get over the immature writing style and grammatical errors. Nick Heinle may need a new editor, but his knowledge and ability to teach will overcome any shortcomings. If you want to learn DHTML, this is the book to get you started.

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