E-Shock : The Electronic Shopping Revolution : Strategies for Retailers and Manufacturers
by Michael De Kare-Silver (Preface)

Mass electronic commerce--it's a whole new realm of consumerism, a virtual 24-hour, worldwide sales arena, a burgeoning retail revolution--and it's happening right now. Sounds like heaven for retailers and manufacturers. Right?

Then why are so many businesses in electronic shock, risking extinction rather than embracing the inevitable evolution of shopping? This illuminating guide explains why, discusses the growth of electronic shopping--and helps businesses overcome their uncertainty and inertia.

At the heart of e-shock is the "ES test"--designed to help businesses decide how their company is going to be affected by the revolution and determine the level of response required. Then, e-shock provides 10 strategies to help retailers and manufacturers map a path through the new market challenges and develop a clear, long-term strategy for growth and success in the electronic marketplace.

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