Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 at a Glance by Inc. Perspection

This reference can be categorized as something between a manual and a cheat sheet. Microsoft Internet Explorer at a Glance is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather it is meant to make the reader as proficient as possible in Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) in as little time as possible. The authors take a highly visual approach, showing sample screens for all applications and marking the on-screen information and controls in numerical order for each step of the task. Brief yet cogent text explains each step. Microsoft Internet Explorer At a Glance ignores technical jargon and often fills page borders with useful time-saving tips. The book's topics include Web browsing, finding information online, managing information, personalizing your software, adding new functions, coping with e-mail that uses Outlook Express News, communicating with NetMeeting, creating and enhancing Web pages, and working with Internet Explorer tools.

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