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Sites listed alphabetically - Not ranked

  1. About.com: A human-compiled directory of web sites, compiled by "Web Guides" - Each "Guide Site" is devoted to a single topic, complete with site reviews, feature articles and discussion areas.

  2. Argus Clearinghouse: Rated and approved sites from the web, lists, and newsgroups.

  3. Beaucoup: Directory of search engines, directories and Indices. Has more than 2,500 listings around the world.

  4. Canlinks: Comprehensive listing of world wide web sites with emphasis on Canadian sites.

  5. C|net search.com: "Fuzzy" Relational Links, Relative URLs. Easy jump to other engines.

  6. Education World: Searchable database of over 115,000 education related URLs.

  7. Eye on the Web: A highly personalized tool to make Web navigation simple, easy, and intuitive.

  8. Google!: Instead of static summaries of the web pages, Google gives you an excerpt of the text that matches your query -- with your search terms in bold.

  9. LinkMaster: The more specific your keyword is, the faster LinkMaster will return your query.

  10. Looksmart: Edited Site plus full AltaVista search capable.

  11. Magellan: Another of Excite's independent directories, Magellan reviews sites for inclusion.

  12. Peek A Boo: Services, Travel & Information Directory.

  13. Planet Search: Network of people-powered, special-interest web sites.

  14. Rex - Internet Resource Exchange: Context sensitive navigational array technology.

  15. Search4info.com: Directory of web sites, rated by visitors and tagged for the appropriate audience from kids to adults.

  16. Search King: Relevancy on such factors as keyword density and descriptive words and phrases, but goes one step further by soliciting the input of its users on a search by search basis.

  17. Snap: A human-compiled directory of web sites, supplemented by search results from Inktomi.

  18. Your WebScout: Extensive index of reviews is extremely selective, it includes only the Net's very best Web sites, archives and discussion groups.

  19. What's New: The latest, hottest sites in any field of interest; thousands of new listings, weekly.

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