The Education Shelf - Click on a title for the review

  1. Educative Assessment : Designing Assessments to Inform and Improve Student Performance by Grant P. Wiggins

  2. Learning Organizations : Developing Cultures for Tomorrow's Workplace by Sarita Chawla (Editor), John Renesch (Editor)

  3. Computers in the Classroom : How Teachers and Students Are Using Technology to Transform Learning by Andrea R. Gooden, Fred Silverman (Editor), Julie Chase (Photographer), Herbert Kohl

  4. Teaching With Technology : Creating Student-Centered Classrooms by Judith Haymore Sandholtz, Cathy Ringstaff, David C. Dwyer

  5. Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching by Margaret Roblyer, Jack Edwards, Mary Anne Havriluk

  6. The Monster Under the Bed : How Business Is Mastering the Opportunity of Knowledge for Profit by Stan Davis, Jim Botkin

  7. Web-Based Training Cookbook by Brandon Hall

  8. Web-Teaching: A Guide to Designing Interactive Teaching for the World Wide Web by David W. Brooks

  9. Creating the Virtual Classroom: Distance Learning With the Internet by Lynnette Porter

  10. Peterson's Distance Learning 1997 (2nd Ed)

  11. Virtual College : A Quick Guide to How You Can Get the Degree You Want With Computer, TV, Video, Audio, and Other Distance-Learning Tools (1996) by Pam Dixon (Editor)

  12. College Online : How to Take College Courses Without Leaving Home by James P. Duffy

  13. Computer Networking and Scholarly Communication in the Twenty-First Century University by Teresa M. Harrison, Timothy D. Stephen (Editors)

  14. Brave New Schools: Challenging Cultural Illiteracy Through Global Learning Networks by Jim Cummins, Dennis Sayers