Computer Hardware and Software Information

Macmillan Computer Publishing: Resource centers, Downloads, Online learning...The authoritive encyclopedia of computing.
PC-Webopaedia: searchable source for accurate, up-to-date information about personal computers.
System Optimization: Component performance and evalutaion information.
TechWeb: CMP's source for technical news and information.
ZD Net: Computers, the internet and home office resources.

Hank Zimmerman's [Unofficial] Eudora Site: Easily find products that work with and information about Eudora.
Healthy Computer Page: How to manage one or more computers and prevent problems.
Illustrated guide to computer hardware: About the PC - its hardware, architecture and so on.
Windows 95 Annoyances: A list of annoying "features" of Windows 95, and workarounds for most of them.

Hardware Resources

PC Warehouse - Big C: To make searching for computer products and vendors an easier task.
Computer Bay: This Arizona company has a large selection of a good variety of product.
Insight: Discount source for computers, hardware and software.
NetBuyer: From Computer Shopper. Don't forget to check the NetBuyer Basement.

PriceScan: Guide to the lowest computer hardware and software prices.
Buyers Guide to Desk Top Scanners: Tips, Books, Articles, Features & Specifications, Scanner & Software Companies, Monthly Best Deals, Glossary of Scanning Terms, Cool Things You Can Do.
eBay: Online auction for computer equipment and other items.

Software Resources You will find many kinds of resources here -- programs, applications, articles and books. Learn about The CareWare Idea.
Allen's Windows 95 Applications List: Everything from Antivirus software to Windows 95 updates.
CAERE: OCR (optical character recognition) software.
The CAREWARE Idea: There really is no such thing as a free lunch.
Central Ad: Solutions for advertising banner rotation and management.
Digital Showbiz: Web Tools; mailBot, newsBot, siteSee, linkCheck.
File Extensions: A general reference for identifying the one- to three-letter extensions on file names.
A Guide To The Eudora Mail Package: Explains all of the functions available under Eudora.
ichat: Internet communications software, message boards, pagers.
PGP Business Security Suite: A scalable solution to secure and authenticate digital assets.

RealNetworks: RealAudio, RealVideo, RealFlash, RealSystem 5.0 (streaming video).
Rocketfuel: JAVA menu software.
SFS Software: Developer of JAVA software; iavaDraw, iavaZip, SiteSearch, more.
Shareware Shop: Searchable database of shareware listings.
Site Sleuth: Analyzes your server's logfiles. Log on and find out what has been happening to your site.
TUCOWS: Win95, 3.1, Mac and OS/2 internet software, performance rated and virus checked.
TUDOGS: Review and graded software, graphics, and services - much of it free.
UnMozify: Create, maintain and browse the Web offline.
Web-Search: CGI-based search engine for your website.
WebTrends: Statistics, marketing and traffic reporting for Web servers.
WinSite: Software archive for Windows shareware and trialware.

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