ColorCenter: Full color text, link and background construction including textures.
HYPE's Color Specifier for Netscape v.3: Netscape colors with RGB x-ref.
Mall-Net: A number of color utilities, screen size tester, more.
Victor Engel's No Dither Netscape Color Palette: Understandable organization.

Online Engines

GIF Wizard: Reduce the size of your graphics. Faster loading time.
Imaging Machine: A variety of online functions including animate and combine.
JavaMachine: Build JAVA-animated titles, images.
MapMaker: Allows you to create an imagemap for any in-line image.
MediaBuilder!: Instant online animated banner maker.
Pixelsight: Design custom buttons, bullets, graphics and fonts online.
The 3D Font Ray Tracing Service: Produce words, titles in ray traced 3D fonts.
WebSite Garage: Tune up your website for free. Seven diagnostic tools, graphic reduction tools, link checks and site publicity.

Tips and Tricks

Laurie McCanna's Photoshop and Corel Tips: Tips and Tutorials for creating web graphics easily.
Lynda's Homegurrrl Page: Animation, Color, Web Design
Mediazine: Tools + techniques + graphics + multimedia + internet.

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