Search Engines and Directories - Page 2 (listed alphabetically - not ranked)

  1. Ask Jeeves: Human-powered search service that aims to direct you to the exact page that answers your question. If it fails to find a match within its own database, then it will provide matching web pages from various search engines.

  2. Direct Hit works with other search engines to refine their results. It does this by monitoring what users click on from the results they see. Sites that get clicked on more than others rise higher in Direct Hit's rankings. Thus, the service dubs itself a "popularity engine."

  3. G.O.D. U.K.-based search engine has many unique and interesting features. These include 'Global Search' where the user can search for web sites by country, state, province, county or city-by-city narrowing down the information and creating a more accurate result. This is distinctly advantageous as the web grows and information retrieved by general search engines becomes mountainous.

  4. Unlike the other search engines (except for AltaVista), GoTo sells its listings. Companies can pay money to be placed higher in the search results, which GoTo feels improves relevancy. Non-paid results come from Inktomi.

  5. Google Uses link popularity as a primary way to rank web sites. This can be especially helpful in finding good sites in response to general searches such as "cars" and "travel," because users across the web have in essence voted for good sites by linking to them.

  6. Infohiway: Surf and Search Engine - including "fuzzy links" and "sitemapping" plus it offers: "Bandwidth Conservation Society" - dedicated to faster page delivery by cutting bandwidth and "Cut and Paste Javascript" - 200+ free javascripts.

  7. Linkcentre: U.K.-based directory can be accessed through search queries or through a directory tree of categories (like Yahoo!).

  8. Open Directory: Uses volunteer editors to catalog the web. Formerly known as NewHoo, it was launched in June, 1998.

  9. Starting Point: Powered by AltaVista, Starting Point is another portal offering: Email, Weather, Stock Quotes, Maps & Directions, City Guide, Yellow Pages and People Find services.

  10. What-U-Seek: Meta Search portal with a Macromedia flair - not for the connection!

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