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When you're not there to talk to a customer, your web site does the talking for you and visitors make judgments strictly on their user experience at your site. When things do work the way they should work, the sign-up or checkout process is simple, the product or service is not confusing, and the whole experience feels right - the result is customers.

How do we assure that the user experience is always good? One way to do this is the relatively new emerging business category: online website monitoring. Online monitoring services provide someone to mind the site/store and make sure it is open and ready to do business 24 x 7. These services can watch site performance, ontent, availability/reliability, and security. They can also provide site managers with immediate notification of site problems via alerts that include email, pager, fax and live voice. By watching a site from outside the firewall and not inside, online monitoring services identify problems that cannot be immediately seen from the inside.

There are so many key components to having a great web site, it's difficult for one person or even a team to know how each is performing - especially 24 hours a day.

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