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VCOM.COM - The Communications Superstore

VCOM.COM offers the premium quality services you'd expect from a global communications company plus the convenience and low-cost benefits of buying online. Our products include:
  • Prepaid calling cards
  • Long distance service
  • Cellular phones and accessories
  • Unified messaging
  • International callback
  • IP Initiated Callback
  • Wireless services
  • Pagers
  • Viewing your account and bill online is now a reality! In addition to the value-added features mentioned above, the VCOM.COM Center offers its users:

    • The ability to view the status of their account in real-time from our Company's web site. These services enhance the customer's experience and give users greater control over their telecommunication needs.
    • Ability to set up, maintain, and manage their own customized suite of communications services in real-time. This means an end to deciphering telephone bills or guessing how much time is left on calling cards. These statistics, including usage and call details, will be integrated within the VCOM.COM Center.
    • Users who take advantage of VCOM.COM's calendar and address book functions will be the largest benefactors. All of the information contained at the VCOM.COM including contact names and phone numbers, appointments and schedules, and even random notes will be accessible from a telephone.

    Earn Reward points for every dollar you spend with us! Our customers also benefit from the VCOM.COM Reward Program. A customer's purchases will accrue in their account until they have accumulated sufficient "points" to warrant reward benefits. Rewards will consist of free services in small denominations.