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Welcome to the world of Wizzard Software. In our world, we talk to our computers. They listen to us and they do what we tell them to do. They talk back to us and they are our friends. It's called conversational computing and it's amazing. Please join us.

Here's how it works! A little character (like the fellow in the banner below or a dozen or so others) will appear on your computer screen and talk to you. Just slip your comfortable headset microphone on (included with software), and you can tell your personal assistant what to do in plain English.

Do you know who Wizzard Software is? Wizzard Software is one of the world's leading speech recognition software developers. As a business partner of IBM, Lernout & Hauspie and Microsoft, we have access to the world's top "speech" technology. We have created a software application that actually turns your computer into a helpful personal assistant.