Thomas Jefferson would have approved of the Information Age. But, would Jefferson - architect, entreprenuer, businessman and statesman - be as comfortable using the typical "home office" at the end of the 20th century as he was when he designed his in the 18th century?

Is it desirable to trade the synergy of a busy office for the privacy, comfort and cost-savings benefits of the home office? Can security issues ever be resolved? Is video conferencing effective to stimulate teamwork from remote locations? Will job satisfaction and, hence, productivity increase with this new independence?

In order to get the most from your work day, your home office needs to be organized at least as well as a commercial site, but how many people are putting up with working conditions that they would never have accepted at the office.

These resources address a number of the issues you will face such as ergonomics, organization, storage, electronics and communications and may answer some of the most pressing wquestions.

Control over your working environment is what WorkSpace Resources is all about.

Small Office / Home Business Design Links

Bank of America's "Home Office" Getting Set Up: create a comfortable and productive office in your home.

Comfortable Computing Adjustability and good habits are the keys to computing safely. From Family PC

Designing your own home office: A tutorial from Canon Computer Systems, Inc.

Furnishing the Home Office Info on designing your home office from BizPlus - The Internet Small Business Center.

Articles from the Home Arts Network of Hearst Publications:
  • Home Office Solutions: As computers continue to move into the home, the need for compact, functional, and decorative furniture will become the main focus of consumers and manufacturers. By Lawrence Bilotti.
  • Home Office Solutions: Several featured home office furniture pieces.

Home Improvement Encyclopedia Tips and checklists to help you set up your office at home. From Better Homes and Gardens.

Home Office Center From Herman Miller. Did you know that Herman Miller began as a manufacturer of residential furniture?

The Painless Workspace Jennifer deJong. Originally published in the August, 1995 issue of Computer Shopper.

D.I.Y. projects online from Popular Mechanics: Home Time/Past Shows/1995/Home Office Design ideas, construction details, wiring, the works...

Is your home office a pain in the neck? Ted Boardman of the Hoosier Times has a few pointers about setting up a home office. Worth a visit. Nothing here about the office, but plenty to help you set up a space to work or repair the one you are working in. We are looking forward to a "Home Office Project" from this very informative site.

SOHO Design Center: Tips, plans and checklists

Teal Research: Ideas to create a comfortable, more productive office - State of the art ergonomics to avoid repetitive strain injuries.

Why you need a good chair and how to pick one. NOTE: This is a .gif image (815x523 pixels)

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