The Modern Commercial Office reflects (or maybe, embodies) societal changes that have evolved over the past 50 years. One of the results is a totally new business vocabulary.

Human Factors, Environmental Ecology, Email, E-Commerce, Ergonomics, Group Dynamics, Hoteling, Intranet and Telecommuting are just a few of the buzz words. Changes in how we work are inevitable and, in many ways, welcome.

Design environments for the Business office today and in the future requires extensive knowledge of these changes and an understanding of their effects on our health and well-being.

Corporations surely knew about ergonomics in the 1970's and were also aware of the drain on human and natural resources that resulted from commuting to crowded, airless work places.

It took a combination of serious recessions, huge leaps in communications and information technology and a new awareness of the personal needs of employees to motivate corporations to make changes.

Okay, now that we are in motion, the decisions that are made by businesses concerning the working environment of their employees will have a huge impact on all of us.

Corporate Office Design Links

Project 2000 A five-year sponsored research effort devoted to the scholarly and rigorous investigation of the marketing implications of commercializing hypermedia computer-mediated environments (CMEs) like the World Wide Web and other emerging electronic environments.

Colour in the Workplace: by Catherine K Leuz "The power of colour can transform our lives."

Ergonomics At Work Allscan Distributors Inc.: Ergonomic awareness, the first step to improving health and productivity.

Ergonomics Guide Intergraph Corporation: Ergonomic guidelines for adjusting office furniture.

Future Beginnings: The Impact of Technology on the Workplace by Lee I. Lippert, AIA

SafetyLine - Workplace Safety on the Internet: On-line information service provided by WorkSafe Western Australia.

We've Seen the Future of Work "...and it Works, but Very Differently. How the visionaries in Grand Rapids are getting your papers to float, your desk to travel, and your office to multiply." by Charles Fishman, Photographs by Brian Smale, Fast Company issue 4 page 53

Wonderful Wood Contrary to popular thinking, there are still a lot of people out there who actually write words on paper. Wonderful Woods may provide just the spark you need to compose a love letter or sign a contract. Check out their beautiful writing instruments.

Workplace Forum A research and learning association studying global best practice in the design and management of the workplace. (Membership)

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