Usually not more than a teaser, business articles and publications online are generally pretty shallow (except if it concerns Bill Gates). However, a lot of them contain a gem or two of new information which just might trigger a creative nerve and a few of them really have a lot to offer.

This situation will change, but not without discomfort. With the cost of postage rising and more effective and considerably less expensive promotional opportunities on the internet horizon, advertisers are likely to reduce their print budgets.

Nevertheless, there will always (am I digging myself a hole here?) be a need for something to read on the john or a (now I'm really digging a hole) commuter train. Well - another tree saved. Maybe. Maybe not.

When the internet overtakes print media, you better have a sense of humor when you go to the mail box for another AOL disk.

Articles, FAQs and Guides

The American Express Small Business Exchange: Practical information, useful tools, and helpful, objective advice for starting, operating and growing your small business. Features include: Business Planning & Resources, Interactive Business Plan Workshop, Going Global, and Expert Advice. Definitely worth a visit.

AT&T at Work: Home Office/Small Office.

Bank of America's "Home Office": Everything you need -- from special online banking and financing to remodeling and design tips. Here are some tools to help make your home office run smoothly.

Be More Successful on the Internet: Actually, a great collection of graphics, especially animated gifs. But there is content here about business opportunities and advertising your web presence.

@BRINT - Business Research in Information and Technology Contemporary Business, Management and Information Technology issues accessible through a metaindex of twenty topical sections. It provides access to full-text papers, magazines & journals, case studies, tools and other key resources on some of the hottest issues -- of interest to both Business and Technology professionals -- such as BPR, Outsourcing, Virtual Corporations, Intranets, Knowledge Management, Organizational Learning, Electronic Markets, Complexity Research, etc.

Consumer Fraud Alert Network: Professional con man / scam artist alert.

The December List: - Recommended Business Sites:

Dow Jones Business Directory: A resource that offers discerning ratings and reviews for hundreds of sites and other on-line tools.

ECDB - Electronic Commerce DataBase: Source for Transaction Processing Companies, Technologies and Information, and the Trends in the Industry.

The Edward Lowe Foundation Small Business Network: There are small fees associated with the information contained at this site, but the collection is vast and comprehensive.

The Electronic Money Tree: The Netrepreneur's Digest For Small Business and Entrepreneurs. A large collection of articles. Changes monthly.

Entrepreneurial Edge Online: A collection of informative articles, business advice, interesting news and important trends. Also has databases for market research, training resources, conferences, and resource connections.

Entrepreneurs on the Web:

Esearch: The survey says... people are buying on-line. Esearch recently conducted a survey on on-line monetary transactions.

The Home-Based and Micro-Business Resource: A product of the U. S. Department of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service, the Land Grant University System, and the Communities in Economic Transition National Initative Home-Based and Micro-Business Design Team.

@Home Business Resources: Home business news, info and resources featuring a complete home business improvement guide designed to help start up, maintain, improve and market home businesses and offers books, software, merchant services and more.

How do YOU Make Money On the Net? From John C. Dvorak's Manifesto on Web Publishing gives you the inside information you need to succeed in your web business.

Insurance: The In-Home Business: "RoughNotes", the insurance industry online trade journal, has studied several approaches to the challenge of insuring the in-home business and has determined that nothing is standard.

Is Working From Home For You? "Some people thrive in an environment where they have lots of people around them. Others are more solitary in nature. In the future, more and more people may find themselves working alone whether they want to or not." By Michael J. McDermott from the Business Opportunities Handbook: On-Line.

Dr. Jeffrey Lant's Library for the Internet Entrepreneur: a list of currently available article titles on advertising, marketing and the internet.

MetaMarketer: All kinds of resources in hypermedia marketing -- demographic studies, articles, a bibliography, and links to other resources.

NetMarquee: Management Guidance for Executives, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. If you are in charge of opening, moving, expanding or making purchases for an office, is your complete resource. Find information, tips, reviews and vendors for your area and more.

One Person's Experience: How to market your business: by Paul Covert, president of TFM Remanufactured Office Furniture in Lansing, MI, and a Grand Valley State University alumnus in marketing, offers these marketing tips, based on his experience in starting a business. Offers fast, easy access to a variety of products, services and information so you can concentrate on building your business.

Setting Up Shop on the Internet discover net based resources of interest and the potential (and accepted uses) of the Internet in marketing strategies. This search site is especially unique in that it tailors all its information to business owners and is specifically designed to produce results that are related to the business environment.

TCP (The Computer Paper) Online: More useful info.

Telecommuting, Teleworking, and Alternative Officing: consolidates a wide variety of telecommuting information from around the world, and from many different perspectives, on the subjects of telecommuting, teleworking, the virtual office, and related topics.

Who's Marketing On-line? The magazine of internet marketing.

Women's Connection Online: Contemporary Business and Personal Information for and about women plus events calendar is available here.

World Business Solution Marketing Manual: A large collection of updated articles and FAQs concerning the Small Office/Home Office. Areas covered include: Start-up, D.I.Y. equipment repair, Time management, Money and more.

World Wide Web Business Resources: From Wilkes University Small Business Development Center.

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