"United we stand, divided we fall." Small businesses make up the largest block of employers in this country. You, too, can have power and influence if you join your colleagues.

Associations and organizations perform a much needed service for both small and large businesses. We tend to develop a form of tunnel vision when involved in intense projects and often lose sight of "The Big Picture."

The ability to network with peers outside your office walls opens your eyes to the real world and enables you to focus your efforts on important issues.

There is no question that small business benefits from the experiences and expertise of others.

But, big companies also benefit by having their personel interact with others from different corporate cultures.

In addition, a number of these associations offer quite valuable resources and inside information, as well as discount buying and travel services, lobbying efforts and political power.

We feel that these groups most important efforts are in the area of ethics. The internet offers a new and untried arena for business practices that may have long term implications on how your organization is perceived by the public.

Affiliation with certain organizations is one more assurance (though, of course, no guarantee) for your customers that you and your products and services are what you say they are.

Trade Associations and Organizations

Better Business Bureau: All companies share an interest in demonstrating to consumers and regulatory authorities that the business community can effectively self-regulate this marketplace, leaving to the government the responsibility to marshal resources against outright fraud. Self regulation and minimum government intrusion align with the spirit of the Internet.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce:

Internethics: Devoted to the establishment, promotion and use of ethical behavior on the Internet.

ISBC - Int'l Small Business Consortium: Find customers, agents, partners, suppliers, sources, more.

American Association of Home-Based Businesses: Dedicated to the success and support of America's 24+ million home-based businesses .

ABWI - American Business Women International: A non-profit organization founded in 1995 to encourage and support business women involved or interested in international trade opportunities.

Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs: Designed to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship by guiding and developing creativity and innovation through non-traditional means. This site offers valuable entrepreneurial links.

C.A.R.E. Conscientious Advertising through Responsible E-mail: Code of Ethics.

Foundation for Enterprise Development (F.E.D.) Helps create highly productive, competitive enterprises worldwide through equity compensation, employee ownership and involvement, and other high performance business strategies.

International Small Business Consortium: Internet / WWW based network to help SMEs (small and medium enterprises) communicate about business needs, share their resources and expand their markets.

National Association of Home-Based Businesses (NAHBB): give members and subscribers a quick and reliable source of trade, business opportunities, management, direct and network marketing information.

National Association for the Self-Employed: Provides legislative information, access to resources and specialists, buying power, insurance and inspiration

National Small Business United: NSBU not only keeps small-business owners in touch with legislative & regulatory issues that affect them, but this business community to take action.

Small Business Foundation of America: The Research Institute for Emerging Enterprise

SOHO Association: Committed to: Providing essential information and resources to and for small and home base businesses, and marketing opportunities for SOHO businesses and vendors. Through January 31, 1997 you may sign up as a Charter Member of the SOHO Association for FREE.

SoHo Central-HOAA Home Page: SoHo Central is the official World Wide Web address of the Home Office Association of America, the national organization for full-time home-based professionals, telecommuters, and millions of people who use a home office to increase their on-the-job productivity while spending more time with their families.

United States Business Owners Association:

Web Assurance Bureau: Get a reliability report on registered (and non-registered) internet businesses providing general information, financial information, and an up-to-the-minute complaint file history, if any exists. WorkSpace Resources is a member.

Women Incorporated: A national not-for-profit membership organization dedicated to improving the business environment for women, especially entrepreneurial women.

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