It would be suprising if the journal publishers DIDN'T jump on the Internet bandwagon. A number are merely online subscription centers. However, quite a few - and more each day - are finding that the internet isn't just a bridge to their slick advertising venues, but a means and end in itself.

The purpose of including them in their own section is twofold:
  • They are staffed by editors and writers who aren't just good journalists, they possess acknowledged expertise in their fields.
  • They can offer up previously published articles which flesh out their websites at once.

  • It would be foolish to ignore these daily, weekly and monthly periodicals. The influence they have over the marketplace is phenominal and, considering their proliferation, you could hardly expect them to lie quietly by and watch the internet develop without them. And, besides, they have to be responsive to their advertisers. If their sponsors want visibility on the internet, the mags and rags certainly don't want them signing a contract with an online competitor.

    Print Publications Online

    American Demographics / Marketing Tools: Website of the publications: American Demographics, Marketing Tools, and Forecast (formerly The Numbers News).

    Business Week Online: Information that's both free and for subscribers only.

    Fortune: Stock quotes and market info, career insights, overviews of articles and in-depth features, more...

    Forbes DigitalTool: Technology, Personal finance, Startups, Companies, E-Business, more...

    Articles from Hearst Publications:
    • "Home Office Ettiquette." A home office is usually a pleasant place to work because the formalities of a more structured office aren't necessary. Still, if you meet with clients there, you need to set parameters. By Peggy Post.
    • "Til Desk Do Us Part." Professional life working at home together can be both rewarding and maddening. By Susanne Frank and Tim Frew. Play "The Home Office Tango" - a JAVA game.
    • "Test-Drive Your Dream." If you've longed to pursue a passion full-time but have yet to act, take heart: Hesitation may actually be good for you. By Betsy Wiesendanger.

    Inc. On-Line: The magazine, the list, and more...

    Newsweek Business Resource Center: A fairly light-weight site (selling magazine subscriptions), but there are a few interesting resources here.

    One Person's Experience: How to market your business: by Paul Covert, president of TFM Remanufactured Office Furniture in Lansing, MI, and a Grand Valley State University alumnus in marketing, offers these marketing tips, based on his experience in starting a business.

    Taking care of business - Without leaving the house: By Edward Baig - Business Week, 4/17/95.

    Wall Street Journal On-line: Nowhere near the depth of that morning masthead, but, if you don't have the time, don't spend the dime. There is a lot here.

    Your Small Office: from the editors of Small Business Computing/Home Office Computing.

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