Technology is redefining the walls of the modern classroom. From the technical coordinator's and facility manager's point of view, this can be very disconcerting.

Classroom designers who were, at one time, only concerned with providing enough light to enable students to read and write comfortably are now required to understand the effects of light and color on video.

Handling classroom acoustics used to mean increased insulation between classes. Who would have thought that every desk would have a microphone?

At one time, planners spent more energy concerned with traffic flow in the it's bandwidth!

As lesson plans get more complicated, what is falling through the cracks? Are we losing sight of original goals in order to provide more style? Where is the substance? Is it buried under a multimedia "flashdance" that may do little or nothing to deliver the message?

These links may provide you with insight into what is, what can and what will be done. Perhaps, too, a little idea of what may be a waste of time.

Distance Learning Resources

BSCW (Basic Support for Cooperative Work) enables collaboration over the Web. BSCW is a 'shared workspace' system which supports document upload, event notification, group management and much more.

Center for Distance Learning Research Texas A&M University information on the development, application and maintenance of information technology systems.

Classroom Connect: Site devoted to K-12 and the Internet.

CU-SeeMe Web Pages: What you need to know to get connected.

Cyberschools: "The idea is to deliver education to the living room -- whether that living room is in Alabama, Argentina, or Beijing. Glen Jones, founder and CEO of JONES INTERCABLE, KNOWLEDGE TV and JONES INTERNATIONAL

Distance Education Clearinghouse Information resources and experiences from the University of Wisconsin-Extension Service.

Diversity University: Instructional organization dedicated to meeting the on-line distance education learning needs of individuals and institutions.

Designing the Virtual Classroom Reprints of Invited papers from the 1995 International Conference on Computer Assisted Instruction ICCAI'95, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Developing Internet Literacies: Upskilling staff and students for the visions of internet use becoming realities Denis Donohoe Hong Kong Institute of Education. This article identifies Internet literacies needed for visions of educational use of the Internet, describes performance bands for priority skill areas, defines competencies for various staff and student groups, and outlines ways to implement upskilling.

Distance Education Classroom Design: by Denny Gilbertson and Jamie Poindexter Tips for designing a conference and distance education classroom at County Extension facilities.

Distance Education Resources from TeleEducation New Brunswick (Canada) A very comprehensive listing of North American D.L. info and coursework.

Distance Learning on the Net: Glenn Hoyle. Descriptions of distance education web sites, along with links to lead you to further distance learning and education resources on the internet.

Education at the Speed of Light: Five independent telecommunications providers have cooperated to form the largest full motion interactive education project in Oklahoma. Subjects like art, anatomy, college algebra, Spanish, sociology, and Native American history are being shared by schools at multiple sites.

EIS Information Network: Sales, engineering and support for the audio-video communication technology industry.

Globewide Network Academy: Educational and research organization dedicated to providing a competitive marketplace online for distance learning courses and programs. Over ten thousand distance learning courses and degree programs.

IdS (Internet dla Szkol) The goal of the Project is to provide a full Internet access for Polish high schools and to train students and teachers in basic Internet services. Physics Department of Warsaw University
The Internet University - College Courses by Computer This site has more than 1,130 pages of information about Online Education. The information in this site is provided to the Educational and Internet communities as a service of CASO (Cape Software).

The Learning Space: Trains teachers and administrators to be skilled in the usage of telecommunication technologies.

Lifelong Learning: Get Educated! - adult education and distance learner's resource center.

Links: College and University Media Centers This page provides links to college and university instructional technology support units. These links are maintained by Dr. Mike Albright, Media Resources Center, Iowa State University.

The Moderator's Home Page Resources for Moderators and Facilitators of Online Discussion.

Multimedia and VC (Video Conferencing) Design Issues Facing Designers of Multimedia and VC Environments. Provided by WorkSpace Resources.

Multi-Media Classrooms, Inc. Fred D'Ignazio is building a virtual school on the World Wide Web. The rooms in the virtual school, Classrooms Without Walls (tm), will be co-designed by teachers, children, parents, and content experts.

National School Network: Exploring tools, information services, technology and support for a national network of local learning communities.

NetTeach News: The premier newsletter for educational internetworking pioneers.

Project OWLink a distance education project that involves students and teachers at separate and diverse Texas sites (in Houston and the Rio Grande valley) in project-oriented work with each other and with subject area experts.

Savie - Videoconferencing Atlas: Information resource on the use of videoconferencing in education.

SSIP - Simple School Internet Protocol A guide for K-12 Schools wishing to get on the Internet.

Telecollaborations Extensive list of links to Distance Education web sites and activities.

VCampus Corporation: The VCampus 2.5 enterprise learning solution is a full-service, remotely hosted, totally scalable distance education platform. It allows for the enrollment, registration, teaching, tracking, testing, grading and certification of distance learners.

Video Conferencing For Learning: Pacific Bell's Education First Applications Design Team hopes to support and promote effective use of videoconferencing in learning and research environments by providing easy access to videoconferencing resources

Virtual Classroom a Reality at NC State: "While on-line classrooms will not replace the traditional model where students attend classes with live professors, the on-line classes are a viable means of providing unique educational programming to students across the state,"

Virtual Institute of Information: Search and link network for telecommunications, cybercommunications, and mass media research.

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