Satelite uplinks, microwaves and fiber optics and the merging of Television and the Internet has implications beyond both technology and curriculum change.

Educational design must include changes in how we build and use educational facilities.

It may seem that discussions of classroom environments are no longer important issues when students interface with instructors on video and over the net, but distance learning is more than that.

To grab students attention, teachers had better get the hang of using all the new presentation and interaction technology.

Nevertheless, the classroom environment is evolving. It won't disappear but it better change.

It is imperative that the furniture industry, educational facilities managers and design professionals take the lead to insure that the learning environment keeps up with learning.

Designing Electronic Classrooms

BSA Design: Architecture, engineering, interior design and project management services. Education design:
  •  INDIANA UNIVERSITY: Electronic Classroom Renovation, Indianapolis, Indiana
  •  WABASH COLLEGE: Ketchon Center - Yandes Hall Renovation, Crawfordsville, Indiana

Specialized Technical Planning And Design - Educational: Several elementary, middle, high school and college projects by BRPH Architects - Engineers.

Hugh Baunsgard: CAD renderings of classroom and auditorium projects.

Blackstock School - Smart Classroom Designs: A Smart Classroom is an interactive learning environment where computers and other electronic devices are the primary information delivery systems. Teachers serve as facilitators who personalize and individualize the learning opportunities of students. Electronic portfolios hold student products. Computer-assisted instruction provides immediate assessment and feedback. Students can access a wide range of information sources via internet. Internet access is available in every classroom in the school.

Building the 21st Century School Now: What technologies do you need to plan for the future? Who do you need to help? Where do you begin? You start Here!

Classroom Design: The design of your classroom; everything from how to arrange the desks, to the most effective types of bulletin boards.

Classroom Design and Retrofitting: by Norman Tracy - A posting to the AAHESGIT Listserver discusses the needs of adult learning environments.

Classroom Idea: Reduce Classroom Noise!

Classroom Task Chair Check List: With the proliferation of computers in classrooms across the country and a growing concern for health and safety issues, it is important to recognize the need for proper ergonomics training as well as to provide the best learning environment possible. There are a few key differences between the ideal task chair for the office and the ideal classroom task chair. While budgetary constraints may limit your choices, making a decision based solely on initial price my be a costly mistake. This chart may make the selection process a little easier.

Computer Classroom and Laboratory Design: Bibliography Compiled by Carolyn Kotlas, MSLS Institute for Academic Technology

Computer Classroom Design: The Issues Facing Designers of Computer Classrooms. Provided by WorkSpace Resources.

The Costs of Educational Technology: A Framework for Assessing Change Gary Marchionini, University of Maryland at College Park A framework for assessing changes resulting from the application of educational technology.

Cyburbia: sponsored by the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning is a comprehensive Internet resource directory with 4576 links to sites relevant to planning, architecture and related professions and contains information about 130 architecture and planning related mailing lists, and hosts several interactive message areas.

Designing and Managing High Tech Training Facilities: by Ronald A. Hoskinson "The ideal technology classroom is one which strikes the best balance between size, layout, equipment, environment, security, and cost..."

Designing Effective and Healthy Learning Environments for Interactive Technologies: Michael Weisberg, National Library of Medicine How to design an ergonomically correct workstation and learning environment.

Ergonomic Accessories for Kids Only: Kid-size desks, mice, and more, to help kids compute comfortably.
Furniture or infrastructure: Robert Cavalier, Carnegie Mellon University.

Healthy Learning Study often involves long periods using a computer for all sorts of research, analysis and writing. This can be physically and visually demanding and even painful if the system isn't set up properly.

The Instructional Technology Lab Here is a good example of a well equiped site to develop courseware for computer-based and multi-media instruction.

Master Classrooms: Classroom Design with Technology in Mind "Technology in the classroom should not hinder, but help, teachers..." by Kathryn Conway.

Multimedia and VC (Video Conferencing) Classroom Design The Issues Facing Designers of Multimedia and VC Environments. Provided by WorkSpace Resources.

The MUNIN Project (Norway) Electronic Classrooms.

Northwestern University: Interesting site with photographs of Multi-media Classrooms of various sizes and layouts.

Planning an Electronic Library Classroom: An Annotated Bibliography by Lisa-Janicke, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Copyright 1994

Sample Classroom Design: sample classroom layouts for different student configurations from the office of Deputy Chief of Staff for Training, U.S. Army.

Sargeant-Welsh Science lab safety checklist.

SMARTdesks, Inc Desks, seating and other furnishings designed for electronic learning environments and training rooms.

The Smarter College Classroom: Classroom design information. Many interesting tips and resources.

Some Notes on Computer-Classroom Design and Configuration: This document is a mixture of facts and opinions, and is intended to provoke further thought and discussion as well as to guide future policy. John Stenzel

Some Thoughts on Classroom Design: "to maximize communication and enhance pedagogy; the transfer of knowledge and information from instructor to student (and back), and minimize what I call the static-anything that interferes with communication-climate, noise, intelligibility, visibility, comfort, etc." Jim Novack, Human Ecology Audio-Visual, Cornell U.

The VISIONS Lab at Purdue University: (Visually Impaired Students' Initiative ON Science) Dedicated to the improvement of science education for the visually impaired. The VISIONS Lab consists of two facilities: a production center for educational materials for the visually impaired, and a research lab in adaptive technologies.

Visual Tour of Educational Technology Equipped Classrooms (ETEC) at the University at Buffalo.

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