Probably at the leading edge of changes in education, software producers are the key to understanding how to build the classroom of the future.

As soon as these products enter the market, the ability of our most gifted educators to envision new ways to use technology to enhance teaching will determine how classrooms are used.

This section is not intended as a promotional site for developers. The Web is already well served with a multitude of freeware, shareware and software catalog sites.

However, we are concerned with the quality of education and training materials and list these companies because their web sites clearly demonstrate the potential of the medium.

Education Software Resources

Brody Communications Ltd: International business communications skills training, executive coaching, consulting and keynote presentations company. Some training programs include: Powerful Presentations Skills, Business Etiquette Excellence, Negotiating for Win-Win Results and Effective Business Writing. All offerings are customized to meet specific client needs. President Marjorie Brody, CSP, CMC, is author of 15 books, a variety of audio cassette programs, a videotape, computer software and interactive, Web-based training called Etiquette Online.

Cheetah: Training System For The Hearing Impaired.

Children's Software Revue: ChildrensSoftware.Com is still being developed. We have "gone live" to provide you with timely information about the Bologna Children's Book Fair New Media Prize and to help with your holiday software shopping. Some of our primary features, such as searching the Children's Software Revue database, are not yet enabled.

Chorus: Cycor, Canada's web site demostrating their Computer Assisted Language Learning software. If you are Shockwave ready, you'll love this site.

Cogent Computing Corporation: Specializes in software for Educators and Training Professionals.

Computer Curriculum Corporation: CCC's comprehensive, interactive software, Internet-based projects, and full service support give educators the tools they need to succeed with technology in the classroom.™ Provider of Internet-based training management services - specifically. RollCall™, a proprietary online, browser-based, enterprise-wide training management operating system that enables students to enroll and take, training managers to administer, and instructors to teach - courses over the Internet or on intranets.

Educational Insights: Publisher of educational toys, games and software.

Educational Resources: Educational software and technology.

The Edutainment Catalog: Family/Children Software Resource.

Houghton Mifflin Education Place: K-8 Resources and School District Store.

Jostens Learning: Developer of software-based curriculum products and services with systems used in 13,000 schools worldwide.

Kidz Game Connection: Shareware games, educational software and internet apps.

LIVEware5: LIVEware5 provides a service allowing companies to deliver live and archived programs over videoconferencing and the Internet. The remote participants are able to interact with the presenter in near real time. LIVEware5 also helps organizations create on-line universities that incorporate all of the tools necessary to train and educate a workforce anywhere, anytime.
LD Resources: Learning disabilities products, plus articles & links to hundreds of disability-related sites.

MECC Educational Software Innovative educational software plus fun and adventure. Go on a "Cyber Safari" or take your chances to win free software.

Make it Happen: Middle school resources and software for students with diverse learning abilities.

Microsoft in Education: Technology in education.

Mountain Lake Software, Inc: publishes and sells educational software for teachers, trainers, kids and parents, and publishes Cyberkids and Cyberteens, two of the most highly regarded Web sites for young people.

OneOnOne Computer Training: Publisher of interactive software training materials produced in several different formats. For initial training, CD-ROM or Audiocassette formats are available. For ongoing training we recommend our publications Working Smarter, which is available for Windows 95, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and WordPerfect.

Pedagoguery Software: Intuitive, unique, and useful software products.

PEP: by Children's Software Revue and Custom Computers for Kids. PEP is an informational resource for Parents, Educators, and Children's Software Publishers. The content of this site has been developed in response to the interests and needs of these three audiences.

Softronics, Inc. An Educational Software Company.

TechSight Electronic Classroom: (div. General Dynamics) Incorporates ergonomics and the latest technology in furniture, hardware and software design to create a total solution for electronic training.

Tenth Planet: A curriculum software company dedicated to helping teachers integrate technology into their classrooms in a way that motivates and engages students. The company's curriculum software integrates interactive multimedia with hands-on activities and Internet resources.

ViaGrafix Computer Training: offers over 700 titles of video and CD ROM training for most software. 30 day money back guarantee.

WebCT: A tool that facilitates the creation of sophisticated World Wide Web-based educational environments by non-technical users. It can be used to create entire on-line courses, or to simply publish materials that supplement existing courses.

John Wiley & Sons, Inc: Develops, publishes, and sells products in print and electronic media for the educational, professional, scientific, technical, medical and consumer markets worldwide.

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