The number of consulting firms concentrating on the needs of educational institutions is growing to keep pace with the needs of the education community.

Profesional consultants perform a variety of services including: Assisting in planning and coordinating learning environments, Providing training - both to students and instructors - and alleviating some of the pressure on your staff by providing technical personnel on a contract basis.

As they relate to design issues and the learning environment, consulting services are busy developing and helping to implement change in the classroom.

Finally, input from a profesional is valuable because an outside consultant often provides expertise and experience in multiple disciplines that may be unavailable in-house.

Educational Consulting Services

Academic Notebook Systems, Inc. Offers assistance in coordinating local community support, pilot programs, training, curriculum development and infrastructure consulting services.

Applied Technology Produces multi-media rooms.

Cytation Corporation Develops and licenses online learning systems and services to businesses and organizations.

Educational Technologies Inc. Technology Implementation for K-12 Schools: Software, Telephony, Networks, Training, and Consulting.

Education Technology Consultants Classroom and Computer Laboratory Design, Equipment Specification, Media Presentation and Delivery Systems, Multimedia and World Wide Web Development Workshops, On-Site Training in the Use of Classroom Technology.

The Fourth R is an international leader in computer education with hundreds of locations in over 15 countries. The Fourth R offers courses that empower children and adults with the computer "know-how" to meet the personal, academic, and professional challenges of the information age.

Foresight Science & Technology Incorporated - SEEport Research and development organization specializing in the implementation of technology.

GlobaLearn To prepare children for global citizenship and to develop in them the skills, awareness, and determination necessary to become responsible stewards of the earth.

LFS Creative Concepts: HRIS and automated time & attendance systems.
The National Telelearning Network, Inc. Produces live, interactive seminars and high-quality educational materials that teach effective strategies to reach your goals.

Productivity Solutions, Inc. (PSI) A management consulting firm specializing in strategic information planning for educational technology.

TECHNOLOGY 4U: Where books, chalkboards, and pencils were once key instruments of education, computers and the Internet are providing new and innovative methods of teaching, idea sharing, and communication. TECHNOLOGY 4U aims to make computers and the Information Superhighway more understandable and functional for educators, with an ultimate goal of preparing students for a future where technology will play a major role.

TechSight Electronic Classroom: (div. General Dynamics) Incorporates ergonomics and the latest technology in furniture, hardware and software design to create a total solution for electronic training.

TechTamers: A consulting and training firm specializing in the planning, implementation and assessment of technology in schools and the workplace. Dr. Jeanette Cates, aka The Technology Tamer, is a keynote speaker, as well as a consultant. Dr. Cates specializes in helping organizations implement more effective professional development, both online and offline. She is an expert in the design and implementation of online learning and the support systems necessary to make it a success.

Tek Data Systems: Manufacturer of Automated Media Management Systems.

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