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Canadian Business School - Ontario, Canada - This Career College partners with Micorsoft in its multimillion dollar training program Skills 2000. The program is designed to get individuals working in the Information Technology sector. Whether you are a novice or seeking to upgrade skills Canadian Business School helps you enter the Information Age. Diploma courses range from 3 months to 1 year.

The Career Center - NY - New York's largest and oldest computer training school, serving over 24,000 students per year for 10 years; teaching word processing, spreadsheet, database, desktop publishing, internet, networking, programming and certification classes to individuals, businesses and government agencies and providing public classes at our facilities for as little as $49, private group classes, on-site training, private tutoring and classroom rental.

Catapult, Inc - WA - Through performance-based courseware, quality instruction, professional staff, and state-of-the-art facilities, provides PC end-user and technical training.

CDI Education Corporation - Ontario, Canada - Offers lifelong learning and training to individuals, small businesses and corporations that require the latest skills for success in the information technology industry.

Communiqued Language Services - Toronto, Canada - English and Computer Training - Beginner to advanced, Hands-on, instructor-led class, word processing, database, spreadsheets, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle - day, evening, weekends.
Computer Channel, Inc - NY - Programs to facilitate the impact of technology on business operations that enable executives, managers & technical professionals to harness the potential of new technologies in ways that make the process of delivering a firm's benefits more profitable.

Computer Educational Services - NY, NJ - Certification training center providing: Microsoft NT, Novell, A+, Java training, Network, consulting, installation and support.

Computer Learning Center - TN -An independent training, consulting, and development company, with three locations in East Tennessee (Knoxville, Tri-Cities, and Chattanooga).

Computer Training Center - Littleton, MA - Offers a complete line of computer software and technology training plus business automation and professional development services.

The Computer Tutor - NY - Teaches people to use computer software - Microsoft Office. In addition, offers office support services.

CNC Concepts, Inc - IL - Suppliers of training materials (books, videos, in-plant training, seminars) for users of computer numerical control (CNC) equipment.

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