Our focus is on the variety of environments in which hospitality and food service personel work. These include, but are not limited to:

A. Accommodations: Hotels, Motels, Inns, Bed & Breakfast, Resorts, Time Shares, Short-term Rentals

B. Convention Venues: Convention Centers, Meeting Facilities, Banquet Halls, Wedding Chapels

C. Food Service: Restaurants, Bars and Lounges, Coffee Shops and Diners, Cafeterias, Fast Food, Catering Services, Commercial Kitchens.

D. Other Hospitality Related: Casinos, Arcades, Amusement and Theme Parks, Theaters, Auditoriums, Concert Halls, Stadiums, Arenas, Sports Club Houses, Natatoriums, Night Clubs, Visitor Centers

This is a new section. We plan to eventually give Food Service a separate section, but in the interim, since both are so tightly inter-related, we have combined them under a single heading.

Overview of Hospitality and Food Service Resources

Hospitality Portfolio Review : Latest designs - trends and treasures
  • Accommodations Design: Over the past few decades, The hospitality industry has grown and matured. With both personal and business travel at the highest levels ever and expected to increase even more, the need for designs responsive to the travelers requirements has risen as well.
  • Convention Center Design: Along with the growth in travel, the convention business and related industries such as the manufacture of trade show displays, information kiosks and catering, to name a few, has been excellent. Newly recognized needs such as traffic management, security, seminar and presentation media, etc., have led to the design of new products.
  • Food Service Design: With mother in a professional career and the change in our economy to two income households, the restaurant business is very strong but competitive. In order to stay in business, restaurants and fast food outlets must constantly update both the food handling and customer areas of their establishments.
  • Sports, Entertainment and Miscellelaneous Related Design: With prosperity and population growth, a variety of entertainment and play areas for all ages have arisen.
Career Opportunities: The Travel and Entertainment Industry is booming. Food service positions are generally always available and there is a serious need for trained and experienced management.

Articles, FAQs and Guides: Not merely collections, these organized sources of information are very valuable tools in an age where information is everything. If someone else did it, why reinvent the wheel. Check out these informative articles, publications and collections of information.

Professional Services: There are a considerable number of consultants specializing in hospitality and food service related services including: Travel and Booking Agents, Convention Organizers, Architects and Interior Designers, Human Resources, etc.

Associations and Organizations: Both hotel and restaurant chains and independent enterprises are taking advantage of association membership to learn about new products and techniques. In addition, many organizations offer substantial savings on equipment by pooling buying power.

The Reference Shelf: In association with Amazon.com, we have added The Reference Shelf, a selection of the latest books on hospitality and food serrvice design, safety, and human factors engineering.

How to List Your Company or Organization in the Hospitality & Food Service Index
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