Our primary focus is on the processes used and the environments in which Manufacturing and industrial employees work as well as the furnishings and equipment available for public use of and access to these facilities.

Externally, the modern production facility bears little relationship to its product nor to the specific manufacturing processes involved. With industrialization of the world economy has come a standard for industrial facilities design - to meet the needs of changing market trends and to fit the requirements of standardized building products.

But, on the inside, manufacturing facilities design takes a utilitarian approach to work place design in that function - efficiency, safety and ergonomics - plays a significantly more important role than aesthetics.

This collection of resources offers a perspective of the manufacturing and industrial work place and provides links to products, services and information necessary to develop and maintain an efficient and safe working environment.

Overview of Manufacturing and Industrial Resources

Industrial and Manufacturing Trade Associations and Organizations
Many companies take advantage of trade association membership to learn about new proceedures, products and resources. In addition, many of these organizations offer substantial savings on supplies and equipment by pooling buying power.

Industrial and Manufacturing Consulting Services:
Consulting services offer a much broader perspective than can be gained in house, by reading trade journals or through networking.

Industrial and Manufacturing Facility Design and Planning
Historical sites and design portfolio reviews plus links to related services products and resources.

Manufacturing & Industry Online Resources and Employment Opportunities
At one time, U.S. manufacturing industry employed a huge percentage of the labor force. With automation, globalization and a shift toward a service economy, this is changing rapidly. However, the need for skilled labor and experienced management is still great and a number of online resources are available to assist you.

Manufacturing Articles and Publications
Print trade publications abound. There seems to be several for each specialized niche and we don't list them all (yet).

University and Academic Resources in Manufacturing and Industry
Despite the shift in manufacturing to off-shore locations, the U.S. still leads the world in production and this is a direct result of the research and development of methods and systems that takes place at major universities throughout the country.

How to List Your Company or Organization in the Manufacturing and Industrial Resources Index
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