Consulting services offer manufacturing concerns a much broader perspective than can be gained in the plant, through reading trade journals, or through networking.

Besides the knowledge gained through accredited universities, they can provide a broad-based point of view based on cross-industry experience as well as an "outsiders" impression of a firm's methods of operation.

Some offer complete enterprise solutions while others specialize in such areas as facilities planning, training and motivation, software development, data exchange and communications, etc.

Consultants and Professional Services

Business Systems Specialties: - Newport Beach, CA - A consulting firm specializing in the selection, implementation, and effective use of enterprise systems for manufacturing and distribution companies

CIM Bar Code Technology: - Chicago, IL - Solutions provider of hardware, software, bar code scanners, barcode readers, bar code printers and barcode supplies.

CIMdata, Inc: - Ann Arbor, MI - Provides strategic technical consulting and in-depth market research for industrial organizations and suppliers of technologies and services seeking competitive advantage in the global economy. Services focus on areas related to PDM, CAD/CAM, and technology and information exchange standards, with particular emphasis on the use of these technologies in product development environments and engineering-to-manufacturing integration.

Cintas - The Uniform People: A Cintas uniform is not only made up of shirts, pants, jackets, hats, belts and footwear, but of pride, confidence, teamwork, productivity, morale, identity and safety. It sends a powerful message of professionalism and competence to your customers and employees.

Frank R. Walker Co: - Lisle, IL - Online shopping for safety and ergonomic products.

Global Manufacturing Solutions: - Miamisburg, OH - Offers business systems mapping, facility layout, method studies, onsite training, computer applications.

LFS Creative Concepts: - Anaheim, CA - HRIS and automated time & attendance systems.

Manufacturing Business Improvement: - Madison, WI - A training and consulting institution dedicated to improving the financial performance of manufacturing companies worldwide.

Manufacturing Engineering, Inc: - Columbus, OH - Provides solutions to profitability, cycle time, and customer service through the implementation of Lean Manufacturing, Facility Layout, Process Technology, and Inspection Systems.

Manufacturing Magic: - NSW/AU - A consulting group dedicated to assisting in making significant improvements in manufacturing and distribution operations.

Manufacturing Management & Technology Institute: - Palo Alto, CA - We fix factories. Our members are all active professionals in the manufacturing field, and are dedicated to improving the productivity, quality and profitability of our clients' operations.

Mastery Technologies, Inc: Workplace health and safety training using interactive video on cd-roms, networks and intranets. Drastically reduce training costs by reducing training time while your workers get more effective training.

Strategic Manufacturing Technology: - Dallas, TX - A consultancy firm specializing in analyzing and improving manufacturing processes and performance, and finding ways to dramatically increase productivity as well as improve profitability.

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