In order to provide and maintain an uninterupted flow of goods and materials as well as improve public and personal transportation, it is necesary to coordinate a huge number of services and sources of and supply. Adaquate communications and a basic understanding of the system as a whole is imperative.

Many companies take advantage of trade association membership to learn about new proceedures, products and resources. Plus, many of these organizations offer substantial savings on services, supplies and equipment by pooling buying power.

The listed organizations and associations and a number of others, either not online or not yet listed, are an indispensible part of the system as a whole.

Trade Associations and Organizations

Airforwarders Association: A nonprofit organization formed in 1990 by three major forwarders who recognized that , in order to compete in today's sophisticated and competitive market, we had to work in partnership with more focus. These three founding members, along with 15 charter members, set the wheels in motion--establishing a forum from which to safeguard and further the interests of airfowarders everywhere.

American Society of Transportation and Logistics: AST&L is a professional organization founded in 1946 by a group of industry leaders to insure a high level of professionalism and promote continuing education in the field of transportation and logistics. AST&L's Objects and Purposes are to establish, promote, and maintain high standards of knowledge and professional training; formulate a code of ethics for the profession; advance the professional interests of members of the organization; serve as a source of information and guidance for the fields of traffic and transportation, logistics, and physical distribution management; and serve the industry as a whole by fostering professional accomplishments.

Canadian Association of Logistics Management: CALM is a non-profit organization of business professionals interested in improving their logistics management skills. Our mission to serve our members by advancing the logistics and supply chain profession in Canada through: Communication and networking, education and training, and knowledge leadership.

Council of Logistics Management: The mssion of the CLM is to provide logistics professionals with educational opportunities and relevant information; a variety of programs, services, and activities to enhance involvement in, satisfaction with, and contribution to the profession.

Food Distributors International: The FDI is the umbrella name for the National-American Wholesale Grocers' Association (NAWGA) -- and its foodservice partner, the International Foodservice Distributors Association (IFDA) -- is an international trade association comprised of food distribution companies which primarily supply and service independent grocers and foodservice operations throughout the United States, Canada and more than 20 other countries.

Intermodal Association of North America: The IANA, is the leading industry trade association representing the combined interests of intermodal freight transportation companies. Its 660 member companies include railroads, intermodal truckers and highway motor carriers, intermodal marketing companies, water carriers and stacktrain operators and industry equipment and service suppliers.

International Warehouse and Logistics Association:

LTD Shippers Association Leverage buying power of members for lower ocean freight prices from Asia to the U.S. Members include furniture importers. Focus is small-medium companies.

Material Handling Industry of America: Material handling is the movement, protection, storage and control of materials and products throughout the process of their manufacture and distribution, consumption and disposal. The MHIA is the non-profit umbrella organization under which domestic and international activities are conducted. Active members are manufacture industrial material handling equipment and systems, or user-specified components for such equipment. They market their products in the United States. Associate membership is held by business publications, consultants and systems simulators.

The National Customs Brokers & Forwarders Association of America: The NCBFAA is the trade association of customs brokers and international freight forwarders in the United States. Its membership includes brokers and forwarders in 33 affiliated associations throughout the United States.

The International Society of Logistics: SOLE is a non-profit international professional society composed of individuals organized to enhance the art and science of logistics technology, education, and management.

Transportation Research Board: The TRB is a unit of the National Research Council, which serves the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Engineering. The Board's purposes are to stimulate disseminate the information produced by the research, and to encourage the application of appropriate research findings. The Board devotes attention to all factors pertinent to the understanding, design, and function of systems for the safe and efficient movement of people and goods.

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