The role of the logistics consultant is critical at both ends of the supply chain. Suppliers need to develop scheduling based upon their customers' usage requirements in order to maintain steady production and buyers must be able to rely on just-in-time deliveries to satisfy their end-users' needs. Any break in the cycle causes down time, lost revenues and possible lay-offs.

On the receiving end, without a steady source of supply, production scheduling breaks down and deliveries to end-users are delayed or interupted. For the individual business, sales are seriously affected and customers must be turned away. On a grand scale, the nation's economy suffers.

Consultants and Professional Services

AR Traffic Consultants, Inc: Privides transportation software and third party logistics solutions to companies throughout North America.

Cintas - The Uniform People: A Cintas uniform is not only made up of shirts, pants, jackets, hats, belts and footwear, but of pride, confidence, teamwork, productivity, morale, identity and safety. It sends a powerful message of professionalism and competence to your customers and employees.

Excelsus Limited: Specializes in aviation and marine transport, facility development and operation and International Logisitics.

EXE Technologies, Inc.: Provider of supply chain execution (SCE) software featuring best-of-breed warehouse management systems.

LFS Creative Concepts: - Anaheim, CA - HRIS and automated time & attendance systems.

LTD Management: Consulting for logistics, supply chain management, warehousing, transportation, cycle time and more - both domestic and international.

Reid's Consultancy Services: Useful information for the forwarding industry and import-export customers world-wide.Transportation

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