Transportation Facility & Conveyance Design, Portfolio Review and Historical Sites

The transportation industry's importance to all facets of our lives is demonstrated all too painfully when links in the world's ability to move people or materials come to a temporary halt.

From major strikes and disasters to the minor irritations of a delayed flight or traffic jam, it is clear that maintaining a smoothly functioning transportation system is no easy task.

Perhaps this is the reason that so much money is spent building vast infrastructures and state-of-the-art facilities. Since these facilities have such a great impact on our lives, this may be why we are so interested in them.

Design, Portfolio Review and Historical Sites

Airport Architecture: URS Greinerís penchant for functional space is broadly evidenced in new terminals as well as concourse expansions, hangars, cargo buildings, fire/rescue facilities, and parking garages.

Specialized Technical Planning And Design - Airpors and Ports: Several Transportation Terminal projects by BRPH Architects - Engineers - Melbourne, FL

BUSSTOPS: Nine designers created nine bus and tram stops for the city of Hannover, Germany. Completed in 1994, the EXPO 2000 city now has a collection of architectural jewels unequaled around the world.

The Railroad Station Home Page: This site is devoted to the architecture and history of railroad stations and terminuses around the world.

Images of Montreal, Canada, 1872 - 1898: Train Stations

Train Seating: VR Transportation design portfolio Niche Design Group Pty. Ltd

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