Like all industries, trade journals abound providing transportation and logistics professionals with the latest news, trends and sources for products and services.

In such a critical environment, safety and efficiency are the key words and these sites provide up-to-the-minute information that often translates into improved service.

Knowledge is the best tool for solving problems and you will find a wealth of information on the internet - in these sites, particularly.

Articles, FAQs and Guides

Air Cargo World: A Journal of Commerce, Inc. publication. Top stories, analysis and trends online. Free subscriptions available.

An Introduction to Supply Chain Management by Ram Ganeshan, Terry P. Harrison, Department of Management Science and Information Systems, Penn State University "A supply chain is a network of facilities and distribution options that performs the functions of procurement of materials, transformation of these materials into intermediate and finished products, and the distribution of these finished products to customers. Supply chains exist in both service and manufacturing organizations, although the complexity of the chain may vary greatly from industry to industry and firm to firm."

The Journal of Commerce: An international daily newspaper. The Journal of Commerce has been the leading independent source of global trade and transportation information since 1827.

PIERS: the Port Import Export Reporting Service ("PIERS") offers statistics on global cargo movements transiting seaports in the United States, Mexico and South America to companies around the globe.

Traffic World: The Logistics News Weekly. Top stories, analysis and trends online. Free 4 week trial subscriptions available.

Vehicular Seating Technology : Dynamic Seating Optimizing the CBM Seat Design. Hector Serber, American Ergonomics Corporation - "Dynamic Seating involves managing body posture through a path of motion that functions with both the dynamics of frontal vehicular collision and occupant biomechanics." LogisticsWorld Guide to thousands of sites related to logistics, transportation, warehousing, distribution, supply, maintenance, manufacturing, management, reliability, mathematics, business, and quality sites.

LogLink a collection of the top websites in the transportation and logistics industry. You'll find links to air, rail, sea, and land transport and logistics. You'll also find several links to general topics in transportation and logistics.

Network F.O.B. is a Minnesota-based freight forwarder providing various modes of transportation services throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Network F.O.B. is comprised of agencies specializing in certain commodities, service requirements and equipment. In addition, the site offers shipping industry news, driving directions, keeps an eye on equipment availability in the United States, lists employment opportunities and maintains a database of installation companies specializing in modular furniture.

Tech Center Provides logistics and supply chain professionals with technology resources such as software reviews and demos, feature articles from Traffic World and Air Cargo World, links to related web sites, and product directory.

Virtual Logistics Directory The Internet is not about surfing, it is about Supply Chain Integration. The Virtual Logistics Directory provides an open, objective and comprehensive directory of Logistics Resources on the Web.

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