Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the Transportation and Logistics profession, the University is the ideal environment to conduct research, develop systems, devise Best Practice theories, and apply new technology.

Combining engineering, business and management and information and communications technology is no simple task. These centers provide cutting-edge research, classroom study and hands-on training to meet the needs of the nation and the world in the 21st century.

Universities and Academic Resources

Center for Intelligent Transportation Systems: CITranS is a multidisciplinary research effort located at Penn State's Pennsylvania Transportation Institute. CITranS serves as Penn State's focal point for advanced technologies research and their application to surface transportation systems.

Center for Logistics Management: Logistics professionals from Northern Nevada and the University of Nevada have established the Center for Logistics Management to provide classroom study and hands-on training in distribution, manufacturing, warehousing, purchasing, and marketing.

Center for Logistics Research: Penn State's Center for Logistics Research is one of the nationís leading institutions dedicated to research and education in the field of logistics and represents an inter-disciplinary approach to the research and development of state-of-the-art logistics and distribution systems.

Harley O. Staggers National Transportation Center: West Virginia University - Created through federal legislation to serve as a nucleus for transportation research, education, service, and technology transfer for West Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic region.

Intelligent Transportation Systems: University of Washington - Focuses on the application of computer and communications technologies to solving transportation problems. The ITS research program actively collaborates with government and industry, making it a regional resource for advanced answers to transportation issues.

PC-TRANS: University of Kansas - Provides technical support and a forum for the exchange of ideas and experience among microcomputer users in the transportation field including engineers, planners, administrators and transit providers.

Southeastern Transportation Center: University of Tennessee, Knoxville - Dedicated to the mission of training professionals to address the transportation needs of the region and nation in the 21st Century.

Transportation and Logistics Management: Iowa State University - A discipline concerned with the efficient flow of materials through our industrial and economic system, and dealing with the management of the domestic and international modes of transportation in today's rapidly changing economic environment.

Transportation Center: Northwestern University - The Center serves the industry and the public through its graduate level Academic Programs, comprehensive Research agenda and collaboration with Northwestern's outstanding Transportation Library, distinguished faculty and Executive Programs for advanced transportation study.

Transportation Research Center: University of Michigan - The TRC provides a central point through which transportation research may be developed, performed and reported. The TRC works with a number of other academic units throughout the College of Engineering and the University.

Transportation Research Institute: University of Michigan - UMTRI's research is intended primarily to increase the safety of surface motor-vehicle travel. We also examine issues in the worldwide automotive and shipbuilding industries. Broad areas of research include crash-data collection and traffic-safety analysis, bioengineering, human factors, mechanical engineering, psychology, economics, public policy, and marine systems.

Vanderbilt Engineering Center for Transportation Operations: Vanderbilt University - VECTOR addresses transportation safety, environmental protection, routing and logistics, hazardous materials transportation and small urban and rural transit - key infrastructure issues critical to global competiveness, business productivity, and the overall standard of living.

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