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Directories -

GTE Superpages: Directory of over 16,000,000 businesses.
Big Yellow: Fast and Efficient (most URLs).
Canada YellowPages.Com: Canadian Business Listings.
ComFind: Over 100,000 Business Website listings in 150 countries.
Businesspark: Index of Bannerad members.
Goldlinks: Lists only businesses and business-related web sites.
SmallBizSearch.com: This search site is especially unique in that it tailors all its information to business owners and is specifically designed to produce results that are related to the business environment.
Surf Point: Index of Link Exchange members.
LinkStar: Business Directory of e-Cards.
Valuecom: Free business listings.

Tools -

555-1212: Fast area code look-up; find the correct area code or the location of an area code.
FedEx: Package tracing, charge schedule, more.
IBM Patent Server: Over 26 years of patent descriptions and the last ten years of images.
PostMaster Direct: Categorized What's New Lists.
Conductor: Block Financial: Web Bank, Kiplinger Financial (TaxCut), Financial news, etc.
UPS: Package tracing, charge schedule, more.
Used Equipment Network: Buy and Sell used equipment.

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